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We stock literally hundreds of VW Karmann Ghia parts, ranging from the smallest service components to complete body panels and engines. In fact we are one of the largest suppliers of Karmann Ghia spares parts in Europe, selling VW Type 14 accessories and spares to owners all over the world. So, whether you are simply repairing your car, or undertaking a full restoration, you’re in the right place!

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VW Beetle History

History of the VW Karmann Ghia

The Karmann Ghia’s history is somewhat confused, with at least two separate designers claiming they were responsible for scribing out the Ghia’s evocative lines. Both Virgil Exner and Mario Boano claim to have designed the car, some aspects of the car, notably it’s “hips” bore a remarkable resemblance to the Chrysler D’Elegance concept, which had been designed Exner but built by Boano’s Carozzeria Ghia in 1953, however other styling cues from Boano cars which predate the D’Elegance are also present, suggesting that it’s more likely the work of Boano.

The Ghia had come into existence when Luigi Segre (Ghia’s commercial director) had been asked by Karmann to design an “image car” for Volkswagen. Following Europe’s recovery from the effects of WW2, VW had a reputation for building reliable, small and efficient cars, however they wanted to break into new markets and for this they needed a car that would captivate the general public in the same way as the Ford Thunderbird, or the Chevrolet Corvette.

Karmann approached Serge in 1953 with the brief to design VW’s image car. Luigi Boano who had acquired the Carozzeria Ghia styling house in 1944 had been producing “concept” cars for Chrysler since the 1930’s, including the D’Elegance mentioned previously, and it has been suggested that the Ghia wasn’t a completely new design, but more a “re-work” of an original but unused design for Chrysler, thus provoking the debate as to the origins of the design.

Others suggest that Boano had originally sketched the car out in 1950, unbeknown to VW or Karmann, but VW had refused to sell him a car to base a prototype on. Whatever the truth, the new body shell was mounted upon a lengthened and widened Beetle floor pan.



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