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Land Rover Range Rover Classic 1971-1994 parts, spares and accessories

We’re proud to offer genuine Land Rover parts to those looking to maintain their Land Rover Range Rover - yes, even for those classic models produced between 1971 and 1994! We have a solid reputation for providing motorists with quality, manufacturer approved parts that keep vehicles ticking along nicely. To find the part, spare or accessory you need for your Land Rover Range Rover, choose from the options below. 

Land Rover Range Rover Classic 1971-1994

Land Rover enthusiasts will know and love the charm of the classic Range Rover, which was produced from 1971 to 1994. It was initially produced by Rover, which was a division of British Leyland, a UK automotive brand that is an integral part of British motoring history. 

The original Range Rover Classic was first available as a two-door only model, adding a four-door version later on in 1981. The 4X4 premise of the vehicle of course made it the go-to for anyone regularly off-roading - it was marketed as ‘the car for all reasons’, and was used as such by many, from farmers to families! 

Find classic Land Rover Range Rover parts and accessories

Whether you’re doing a full restoration on one of these classic Land Rover Range Rovers, or you’re simply looking to maintain an example that’s pretty fantastic already, we can help at Heritage Parts Centre. Get started on your search for genuine Land Rover parts by selecting from the categories above. 

Range Rover FAQ’s

Are Range Rovers reliable?

It all depends on who you ask. If you are buying or driving a Range Rover classic, and are a car enthusiast, then actually they are not too bad.

If you appreciate driving an older vehicle, and with the definition of reliability being “gets me from A to B” you will probably consider the vehicle are fairly reliable, because you love it.

However, if you’re in the process of justifying a purchase or persuading a partner that your classic Range Rover should be kept, then there are a few things to consider. 

Things, including cars, go wrong when they haven’t been looked after. If you have a model with air suspension, this could fail at any time… This is probably because no one thought to maintain or service it, all the time it was working. 

The same can be said for electrical issues. Switches will regularly stop functioning. It won’t stop you completing your journey, but your passengers may be lacking fresh air, as the windows won’t go down, for example. If these problems are tackled when they first appear, the cost implications and parts requirements don’t seem too bad – if you wait for multiple issues to arise, the problem seems much bigger and more costly. But, as humans with multiple drains on our finances, that’s not how we always function!

Do classic Range Rovers rust?

Yes! Although worryingly, this will be mostly underneath and out of sight given they use aluminum body panels on top of a steel frame.

Inner wheel arches, sills, body mounts and boot floors are all vulnerable to the tin worm whilst chassis corrosion is commonplace.

The good news is Range Rover repair panels can be sourced, or complete replacement chassis are still manufactured if the situation is beyond repair.

The moral of the story? Even when it looks good, expect it to have rust!

How much is a Range Rover?

There are lots of variations in price depending on age and condition. A full restoration project could be yours for less than £1000, but will ultimately cost you more than a running and driving version in the long term. 

You can easily get behind the wheel of a P38 for less than £5,000 but you could be sitting on an expensive leather seat in 12 months’ time if problems occur. 

As for the iconic classic Range Rover, budget for £15k for something that will get you home, without attracting the wrong kind of attention! Prices for these can go north of £30,000 for fully restored examples, with the earliest 3 door and very late 5 door versions attracting the big ticket prices.