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Welcome to Heritage Parts Centre, your specialist supplier for quality Land Rover parts and LR accessories. Evolution Automotive Components ( and Shop4Autoparts ( are now part of Heritage Parts Centre.

From Range Rover wheel bearings to Defender steering wheels, we stock the parts you need. Select your Land Rover below.

Land Rover Defender 1983-2016 Parts & AccessoriesLand Rover Defender 1983-2016 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Defender 1983-2016 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Discovery 1 1989-1998 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Discovery 2 1998-2004 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Series 1,2,3 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Freelander 1996-2006 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Freelander 2 2006-2014 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Discovery 3 2005-2009 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Discovery 4 2010-2016 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2012-2018 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover Classic 1971-1994 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover 1994-2001 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover 2002-2009 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2005-2009 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover 2010-2012 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Discovery 5 2017> Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Discovery Sport 2014 on Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover 2022 on Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover 2013-2021 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2017 on Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2010-2013 Parts & Accessories
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2014-2023 Parts & Accessories

Parts and Accessories for Land Rover Series 1, 2, 3, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover and more

Our range is full of mechanical components and Land Rover Service parts and as enthusiasts ourselves we understand the importance of fitting the best LandRover parts possible to help keep you moving on the road, and naturally off road too! 

Home to EAC rebuild kits, our Land Rover spare parts are trusted by workshops all over the world to complete restorations and rebuilds. Whether it is a broken axle or a noisy gearbox you need to take apart, make sure it goes back together again with quality gaskets, heavy duty bearings and the correct fittings; we know you don’t want to do the job twice. 


Huge Range of Land Rover Parts

With Series 1-3, Defender, and Range Rover parts on the shelf, we cater for Land Rover classic parts from 1948 all the way up to modern Land Rover accessories for models like the Discovery and Freelander. 

Shop direct with us and benefit from the best prices, technical assistance and fast international delivery. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and only ever display real time stock levels to help you plan your maintenance and repair schedule. 

Got a question? Contact us and we’ll do our best to find it for you. We reply to customer emails as quickly as possible and will happily supply an additional photograph, take a measurement, or confirm a brand or product colour to help you shop for your LR parts with confidence.

We look forward to helping you with your Land Rover or Range Rover project soon. 


Land Rover FAQ’s

Are Land Rovers a good investment? 

Land Rovers follow a similar trend to VWs and Porsches in the sense that the older, classic models have a strong following, and their values are climbing steadily. 

Models such as the Series I, II, and III and the Defender are very much in the classic car camp and owners are now completing more substantial restorations, raising the bar on how good they make their vehicles with the knowledge that their vehicle is an appreciating asset. 

These values are supported further by the interests and demand for resto mod Land Rovers from the likes of Twisted, Himalaya, and Arkonik, who offer the ultimate, bespoke builds for those with a more substantial budget. If you’ve just sold a house, won the lottery or invented the next big thing, you need one of these! 

For the newer models, logic and history would say they follow suit and gain classic status, and value, in a similar way to Porsche and special edition VWs. However, when to buy is a trickier thing to pin down. 

If you buy your Land Rover new you should expect its market value to drop over the following 15-20 years before it starts to flatten, then correct. If you can get lucky and buy these vehicles at the bottom, which is potentially where the Land Rover Freelander is now, you could be rewarded with a wallet friendly, adventure wagon that will look after you in the future - proving you look after it!

And this is where Land Rovers differ from many of the other classic cars. Regular car collectors don’t drive their cars over muddy hills or splash them through rivers! And we know this is what they were designed to do, but you do risk damage and encourage corrosion by submitting your Land Rover to this kind of driving activity. 

In short, if you want an investment, buy a good, really early classic Land Rover and keep it in a heated garage, start it up regularly and drive it only on sunny days. On the other hand, if you want to embrace the LR Lifestyle, buy a car that’s 20+ years old, use it, maintain it, and hope you will come out on top should you need to sell. After all, One Life, and all that… 


Are Land Rovers reliable? 

They may have been marketed as the go anywhere vehicle, favoured by farmers and the military, but they still require regular maintenance and servicing, just like any other car.

The Series and Defender and early Discovery models which are devoid of additional luxuries are the pick of the bunch. When more things became electrically operated and the suspension adjustable, the reliability situation got worse. 

A trip through recent Land Rover history uncovers the route cause for many of these reliability issues. In 1994 the Rover group sold Land Rover to BMW. 6 years later, BMW sold Land Rover to Ford, and in 2008 the company was again moved on, this time to Tata.

Each time, the 4WD technology and engineering knowledge was taken for their own benefit, and the Land Rover name was passed on like the proverbial hot potato. With sales rather than customer satisfaction as their key objective.  

This lack of manufacturer consistency, or research and development budget matched with the consumer demand for more features and luxuries led Land Rover to launch vehicles that already had problems. But because of a strong brand loyalty, customers lapped them up, and the factory made more and more, to make the books balance. 

Sadly, these issues would catch up with the unsuspecting new custodians, and many visits to underprepared independent mechanics meant the issues were never solved properly. Fast forward another decade or so, and the classifieds are full of bargain for sale adverts, but each example has inherent issues that need solving properly, for the vehicle to be enjoyed as the designers first intended.  

So, are they reliable? The answer is yes, if they have been properly looked after by a suitable Land Rover specialist workshop, or by a keen amateur with the time and skills to rectify any wrongs that have appeared over the years.


Are Land Rovers expensive to maintain? 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to ‘buy a good example’ especially if you are concerned about ongoing maintenance costs. Scrimping on the initial purchase price might get your name on the logbook for less but could cost you dearly in the long term when you have to spend all your hard earned, fixing years of missed mechanical issues before you can even get out on the roads and the tracks to have fun. 

If you do buy a bad one, and by that we mean an example that hasn’t been looked after in accordance with the manufacturers schedule, then yes, it is going to be expensive. 

In a similar vein, if you buy an example that has lived outdoors for 30 years and never seen a sponge or hosepipe in its life, you will be shelling out on Land Rover repair panels and welding work rather than fancy spotlights and suspension lift kits, which were far further up your LandRover parts shopping list. 

If you are looking for an affordable Land Rover for regular use, then pick an example with a good service history, with stamps from repeat visits to same specialist workshop year in, year out. This will indicate that the vehicle has been cared for and should only require Land Rover service parts moving forward, rather than any remedial work to solve hidden or undeclared historical issues, providing you keep on top of things. 

Read our Land Rover Buying Guides to help you start your off road journey on the right foot.