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Porsche Boxster 986 Parts & Accessories

If you own a Porsche Boxster 986, then Heritage Parts Centre has you covered when it comes to purchasing Porsche Boxster parts. Our online parts catalogue and webshop cover everything you need to keep your Porsche Boxster on the road and in perfect working order.

Porsche Boxster Engine Parts

And, if your car is in need of more serious repair, you’ll be pleased to know that a full range of Boxster engine parts are all available to purchase via the impressive online catalogue. Calling on 30 years experience supplying classic VW parts, Heritage Parts Centre has all the right contacts to ensure your vehicle receives only the best quality replacement Porsche Boxster parts and accessories – and at a competitive price, too. The Boxster is one of the most popular enthusiast-owned Porsche models right now and, there has literally never been a better time to pick up a bargain-priced, mid-mounted, 6-cylinder 986 – the perfect entry-level, soft-top Porsche sports car!

Parts For Porsche Boxsters | All Models

Whether you own an early Porsche Boxster 2.5 or perhaps a later Boxster 2.7 (or even the sporty Boxster S 3.2) Heritage Parts Centre should be your first stop when it comes to service, repair and maintenance parts. Heritage can supply everything from a top-quality replacement Porsche Boxster exhaust or even the parts required to overhaul your Porsche Boxster brakes. An impressive collection of Boxster suspension parts is also available for those looking to tighten up the feel / ride quality of their pride and joy.

Porsche Boxster Body Panels

Of course, an extensive range of Porsche Boxster body panels are available should you need to repair accident damage (or even tackle a 986 Boxster facelift conversion etc), as well as a great selection of Porsche Boxster interior and trim parts for the 986 model range. Heritage Parts Centre operates from a large warehouse, hence a huge range of Porsche replacement parts will be ready to ship immediately, and even special-order Porsche Boxster products can be sourced and shipped at short notice either direct to the home mechanic or even to your preferred Porsche Boxster workshop or specialist. A full range of Porsche Boxster parts are available to order online or why not speak to a member of the Heritage Parts Centre sales team today for technical and Porsche parts advice? Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best quality replacement Porsche Boxster parts at a great price – so why not let the Heritage Parts Centre take care of you and your Boxster?

Porsche 986 FAQs

What is a Porsche 986? 

The Porsche 986 was the first generation of the Boxster model. A mid-engine, flat six powered Porsche roadster that was cleverly designed to utilize many of the components also being produced for the Porsche 996, in a bid to economize manufacture. 

Sharing the same front-end layout, dashboard and interior fittings, it is only when viewed from the side or the rear that the drop top Boxster reveals itself to be a very different car.

Launched in 1996, the Boxster initially had a 2.5 Litre engine developing 201hp which ran until 1999. After that, buyers had the option of either a 2.7 with approx. 220hp or purchasing the range topping ‘S’ model with a 3.2 engine offering the driver circa 250hp with a 6-speed manual gearbox on offer, for those who wanted it. 

Despite the deficit of power over a 911, many would argue it is a better driver’s car thanks to the balance created by the engine being mounted within the wheelbase.

The Boxster is often credited with ‘saving’ Porsche, and 164, 874 were sold during an 8-year period. Which means, there are plenty about, should you wish to get behind the wheel of one. 

Is the Porsche 986 Boxster a Classic?

At over ten years old, the Porsche 986 is now firmly a classic car in the eyes of its maker.

It may not have an aircooled engine or manual windows, but the Porsche 986 with its celebrated backstory, controversial styling and attractive pricing is widely regarded as a great modern classic, and very likely to develop into a ‘full fat classic car’ in the future, given the way that earlier non-911 models are now viewed.

Is a Porsche 986 Boxster a good investment?

Given the Porsche 986’s status as a classic car, and its current market position, we would consider it to represent promising investment potential. 

Will the Porsche 986 skyrocket in price? That is unlikely, as so many were made; you will need to search for something extra special if you are hoping for big things. 

Whilst we’re not here to give out financial advice, if it was us, we’d either pick an unusual colour and specification, making your vehicle stand out in the marketplace when you come to sell it. Or try and track down a special edition 550 Spyder version, but be prepared to pay for it, as they are already on their way up. 

The 550 Spyder Boxster S was the swansong for the first generation and only 1953 of these were sold worldwide. With a commemorative plaque, GT silver paintwork mimicking the Carrera GT and sharing a name with the legendry race car, a decent one of these is probably your best bet to big bucks, but it won’t happen overnight. 

Of course, as we always say, buy a car you like as these cars were built to be driven, and nothing is for certain when it comes to car values. 

Is the Porsche 986 reliable?

In a similar vein to the Porsche 996, the 986 Boxster has had its fair share of mechanical issues over the years. These have typically been related to cylinder bore score, IMS bearing and rear main oil seal. 

The good news is, most vehicles that will have suffered from these engine issues, are probably now alright, and have had the necessary remedial work carried out. 

Other mechanical things to consider are coolant leaks from the front mounted radiators and air conditioning condensers. 

Being a cabriolet, water ingress can be an issue, either because of holes in the soft top, a split in the plastic rear window or a failure in one of the roof, door or window seals. 

It is worth noting that the power roof is prone to issues, so do check that, and the plastic rear window was superseded by a glass window in later models to avoid the issues of the material splitting. 

Why are Porsche 986 Boxsters so cheap? 

When new Porsche 986 Boxster prices started at £33,950, almost half the price of the 996. As the years have passed, and just like its big brother, the 986 has been in and out of favour with die-hard enthusiasts, with many falling into the hands of drivers without the means to maintain a Porsche as required. 

Another downside of the Porsche Boxster 986 now being so affordable to buy, is that when a big bill comes in, some owners are not wishing the spend the equivalent of the vehicle purchase price again, to keep the car in fine fettle. Instead choosing to move it back on. 

This puts more poorly prepared Porsches into the marketplace, and builds a divide between the good cars, and the cars that could cost you a fortune!

So 100%, consider buying a Porsche 986 Boxster, they are one of the cheapest ways to own a Porsche, and will reward you with plenty of fun on the road. Just be careful not to get caught out with a bad one, and absolutely read our 986 Buyers Guide first.