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Land Rover Defender Parts & Accessories

Bursting onto the scene in readiness for the final decade of the 20th Century, the Land Rover Discovery Series 1 brought off-road excitement into the mainstream, proving very popular indeed from when it was released in 1989, to when it became the Series 2 in 1998. 

It’s no wonder it did so well, with capable suspension and 7-seat capacity, and engine options that only became more appealing as the 90s wore on. Take the original V8 for example; this underwent fine tuning between 1990 and 1995, giving it some serious power when you need it.

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Whether you’ve got the original 3-door sat in your garage, or you’ve managed to get hold of the last of the Series 1s before they evolved in 1998, you’ll want trusted parts to maintain it with. At Heritage Parts Centre, we’re proud to stock parts, spares and accessories for the Land Rover Discovery Series 1, and we invite you to find what you need for yours today, from the odd spare part, to the bits you need to restore it to its best. 

Land Rover Defender FAQs 

Are Land Rover Defenders Reliable? 

As with all older vehicles, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. The Land Rover Defender is a casing point. It is a vehicle designed to be used in harsher conditions than most, probably spend more time dirty than clean, and has its roots in the 1948 Series 1 design… So, it is far from modern. 

A well looked after Land Rover Defender will prove to be a reliable vehicle, most of the time. If an unusual noise occurs, investigate it, and fix it, before it becomes something more serious. The Land Rover Defender isn’t a ‘throw away’ vehicle like a modern super mini or EV. If something breaks, they are designed to be fixed, and go again. But that requires some input from the driver… 

What should you be concerned about? Well, mechanically, they are known to consume steering and suspension components… but, so do all cars. If you go off road, then expect the service intervals on things like suspension bushes, coil springs and shock absorbers to be more regular. 

Oil leaks are another thing that can plague the older car… and the longer you leave it, the worse it will become, and the more oil you will be pouring in and losing out the bottom. Watch out for spots on the driveway, or street where the vehicle is parked… They’ll tell you all you need to know!

Another enemy of the older car is rust… Fortunately you can buy pretty much anything for a Land Rover Defender, including a brand-new chassis, and there are plenty of specialist workshops who would be happy to undertake that job for you. 

The last main complaint for the Land Rover Defender is electrics… Obviously, if these get water in them, if you’ve been through a river, for example, which won’t help things!

Land Rover Defender switches will wear with age. But they aren’t expensive… Fix them when you notice the issue to prevent further problems. Likewise, the wiring will also age and become brittle, especially being exposed to the elements in many cases. This can cause the headlamps to flicker or be much dimmer than they should be. Do also pay attention to the alternator as well… A poorly charged battery won’t be helping the starting on a cold morning, or the lights on a dark night. 

Are Land Rover Defenders easy to steal? 

The Land Rover Defender was built to do a specific set of jobs, and we very much doubt security was high up on the list of must haves back in the late forties when the Series 1 was being designed. 

Over time, basic immobilizers and alarm systems may have been added to your Defender by independent specialists, or even by the factory on later vehicles. But sadly, this isn’t much of a match for the seasoned car thief.

To help protect your investment, a secondary security device and a tracker would be a very sensible addition. In the absence of a locked garage (and we appreciate these vehicles aren’t small and not everyone has a garage) a steering wheel clamp, a wheel clamp or a pedal lock should all slow down a would-be thief, if not put them off completely. 

Should they persevere with taking your pride and joy, a hidden tracking device (various options are available online) will help ensure the authorities can return it to you at the earliest opportunity. 

Sadly, with popularity also comes demand, and there are unscrupulous people out there happy to profit from stealing your car, or happy to buy vehicles and parts with no questions asked. 

How much is a Land Rover Defender?

This all depends on how much of a project you want!! A rough and ready Defender will set you back at least £5000 in todays market, and that will come with a list of things you’ll be needing to sort before the next annual inspection. 

Something good will be double that, and something newer and nice will be double that again. If you want to look the part at the Polo club, get ready to pay out £15,000 -£20,000 for a smart and presentable example. 

If you have the time and knowledge, a restoration project maybe able to be sourced for a few thousand pounds, but don’t expect it to be a cheap fix! 

Read our Land Rover Defender Buying Guide for the full story. 

Will Land Rover Defenders go up in value?

Yes, it is likely that with no more Land Rover Defenders in production, that these vehicles will continue to attract attention from enthusiasts of all ages, and their value will rise. 

Nostalgia plays a big part in classic vehicle values, and with the very newest examples still having such a close styling link to the very first, the Land Rover brand heritage is extremely strong. 

Of course, we can’t promise a return on investment… Buy a vehicle you can afford and will enjoy, and if you make you a little bit of money in the future, well, it’s a bonus!