Land Rover Discovery 2 1998-2004 Parts, Spares & Accessories

Maintaining your Land Rover Discovery Series 2 so that it looks and performs at its best relies on quality parts that you can count on. That’s why we’ve made it our mission here at Heritage Parts Centre to provide you with the parts, spares and accessories you need to look after your Land Rover. We’re trusted by customers up and down the UK thanks to our wide range of parts, and our knowledgeable, helpful service. To get started, choose from the options below.  

Land Rover Discovery Series 2

A new Land Rover Discovery for a new century, and what a beauty it was - and still is, if you’re the proud owner of a 1998-2004 model! The Land Rover Discovery Series 2 built on the success of the Series 1, with the same reliability, robust handling, and rugged good looks. The differences are significant though, and easily detected if you’re a fan. There were two new engine options, including five-cylinder 2.5-litre turbo diesel, and the upgraded V8 engine (that’s 4.0L instead of 3.9L), a brand new dashboard layout, and an extended body shape, making it the ultimate spacious 4X4. 

Permanent four-wheel drive makes the Discovery an enduring and attractive option if you regularly head off the beaten track, with suspension that makes light work of bumps and potholes without unsettling those onboard. 

Find Land Rover Discovery parts and accessories

If you’ve got a Land Rover Discovery Series 2 that you’re keen to keep in good working order, make Heritage Parts Centre your go-to for the spares, parts and accessories you need to do so. 

We stock a wide range of Land Rover parts, including the items you need to maintain your Land Rover Discovery Series 2. Find what you need using the filters above, or chat to our team about how we can support you in looking after your Land Rover. 


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