Great VW Gifts For Less Than £25

Great VW Gifts For Less Than £25

Great VW Gifts For Less Than £25

It's that time of year again! Racking our brains for what we can buy friends and family for Christmas; something they will appreciate, enjoy, and hopefully not bankrupt us at the same time!

We've gathered up this great VW gift guide to help you and your wallet make it through. Take a look and best of luck!

VW Gifts for under £5

Shopping for something small that is Volkswagen-related?  For the same price as a hot drink at your local coffee place, you could be tucking a cool VW air freshener into Santa's stocking and giving a fresh new scent to a loved one's interior. There are plenty to choose from, whether it's a simple Volkswagen logo, a tribute to the GTI, or shaped like your favourite classic model there's something for you here. 

Volkswagen Gifts for less than £10

One of the most popular gifts on our website is coffee cups and mugs. With most retailing for less than £10, you can sprinkle a little classic VW magic in the cupboards of those you care about, and they can think of you every time they make a brew. Whether they keep it at home, use it in the garage, or take it to work, a new cup or mug is a great gift for VW lovers. 

Other options in the sub-£10 category include a huge range of VW keyrings and an awesome selection of showroom-style number plates. You needn't spend a fortune to find something that will really resonate with the Volkswagen enthusiasts in your life. 

VW gift ideas for £25 or less

If your christmas shopping budget can stretch, then there are a host of potential presents at your disposal for under £25. Choose from metal signs to hang on workshop walls and campervan cool bags for picnics and camping. 

If you have children to buy for then our microfibre ponchos are a fantastic Christmas present. Whether they get worn on holiday, for a day on the beach, or just at the local pool, these Beetle and Bus design towels are a useful yet fun gift idea. 

Gift collections for VW lovers

Sometimes one VW gift won't be enough, so you could try following a theme to help steer your stocking shopping. We have a great range of GTI gifts aimed at honouring the legend of the original hot hatch. Equally awesome, and aimed squarely at the proud Volkswagen owner are the VW Parking only signs, air fresheners, and Mr and Mrs Bubblehead keyrings. Wash it all down with something hot in a classy glass coffee cup

Still stuck for ideas? Take a look at our top 12 Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts guide here. 

Merry Christmas!