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  1. Vintage Speed Custom Sebring Style Exhaust  fits Beetle,T2 Split Bus,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio,Beetle USA,Beetle Mexico,Beetle Australia,Beetle Brazil/Fusca,T2 Split USA
    Vintage Speed

    Vintage Speed Custom Sebring Style Exhaust


    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 Split Bus1950-1967
    Karmann Ghia1955-1974
    Beetle Cabrio1949-1979
    Beetle USA1950-1979
    Beetle Mexico1954-1979
    Beetle Australia1954-1976
    Beetle Brazil/Fusca1953-1979
    T2 Split USA1950-1967
    £1,229.95 £1,024.96
    Special Order - delivery 16 weeks
  2. Vintage Speed Classic Sport Exhaust   fits Beetle,Beetle Cabrio,Beetle USA,Beetle Mexico,Beetle Australia,Beetle Brazil/Fusca
    Vintage Speed

    Vintage Speed Classic Sport Exhaust


    Product Vehicle Years
    Beetle Cabrio1956-1979
    Beetle USA1956-1979
    Beetle Mexico1956-1979
    Beetle Australia1956-1976
    Beetle Brazil/Fusca1956-1979
    £566.95 £472.46
    Expected in 1 week
  3. Vintage Speed Quiet Sebring Style Exhaust System  fits Beetle,T2 Bay,T2 Split Bus,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio,Type 3,Trekker,Beetle USA,Beetle Mexico,Beetle Australia,Beetle Brazil/Fusca,T2 Split USA,Baywindow USA
    Vintage Speed

    Vintage Speed Quiet Sebring Style Exhaust System


    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 Bay1968-1979
    T2 Split Bus1965-1967
    Karmann Ghia1965-1974
    Beetle Cabrio1965-1979
    Type 31965-1975
    Beetle USA1965-1979
    Beetle Mexico1965-1979
    Beetle Australia1965-1976
    Beetle Brazil/Fusca1965-1975
    T2 Split USA1965-1967
    Baywindow USA1968-1979
    £1,102.96 £919.13
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  4. Premium Exhaust System with Dual Quiet Mufflers   fits Beetle,Beetle Cabrio,Beetle USA,Beetle Mexico,Beetle Australia,Beetle Brazil/Fusca

    Premium Exhaust System with Dual Quiet Mufflers


    Product Vehicle Years
    Beetle Cabrio1960-1979
    Beetle USA1960-1979
    Beetle Mexico1960-1979
    Beetle Australia1960-1976
    Beetle Brazil/Fusca1960-1979
    £299.95 £249.96
    Special Order - delivery 8-12 weeks

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VW Beetle Exhaust


Original Style Beetle Exhausts
The standard Beetle exhaust system is relatively simple. It consists of an inlet manifold (the pipes that connect the silencer to the engine), the silencer itself, and the tailpipes. However, the exact design of the silencer and manifold changed slightly over the years, so it is important to check which type of VW exhaust system your car requires... FIRSTLY, check your engine size and whether it is single port or twin port version.

If you are unsure which engine size you have, you should check the code on your engine crankcase and consult the chart below:

1200SP           D          8/65>               34BHP
1300SP           F           8/65 - 7/70      40BHP
1300TP           AB        8/70 - 7/73      44BHP
1300TP           AR*      8/73 - 7/75      44BHP
1500SP           H          8/65 - 7/70      40BHP
1500SP           L           8/66 - 7/70      40BHP
1600SP           B           8/68 - 8/70     40BHP
1600TP           AD        8/70 - 7/73     50BHP
1600TP           AE         8/70 - 12/72   50BHP
1600TP           AF         8/70 - 9/92     46BHP
1600TP           AH        8/71 - 7/74     47BHP
1600TP           AJ         8/74 - 1/80     50BHP
1600TP           AK        8/72 - 7/74     47BHP
1600TP           AS        8/73 - 1/80     50BHP

IMPORTANT: Please check your engine code before ordering, many Beetles do not have their original engines, so using your car's production year or log book as a guide is not advisable.

Aftermarket Exhaust Information
There are two main types of Aftermarket VW Beetle Exhaust Silencer. We stock a huge range to choose from, if in doubt please call!

Beetle Glass Pack Silencers
A high flow silencer, composed of a heavy gauge steel casing containing a perforated central steel core tightly wrapped in high density fibre glass. This creates virtually no back pressure, therefore you lose less power but they are very noisy.

Quiet Pack
An oval shaped silencer containing perforated tubes. Quiet packs offer very good sound absorption with low back pressure. A Turbo/Mondo muffler is a larger version of a Quiet pack.

The black paint finish on exhaust is designed only to protect the exhaust during transportation to the customer. This is not high temperature paint. Due to the extreme conditions exhaust parts operate under, we are unable to guarantee the finish of chrome plated parts.

Metallic Ceramic Coating has recently been introduced and is a space age, high gloss silver finish that offers high impact protection. It is heat fused at 650 degrees F creating a virtually impenetrable barrier against external corrosion and damage. This coating also lowers the temperature of components, which in turn increases power.

Please Note:
All exhausts are supplied with fibre gaskets. It is worthwhile purchasing a pair of tailpipe fitting kits (£2.95 each - 111-298-051) when you buy any exhaust/header as these contain the clamps and hardware to complete the job. If you are using your heat exchangers and replacing a standard silencer with an aftermarket exhaust, please ask your sales person for advice on re-connecting the air pipes.

If you own a 1974 onwards 1300cc Beetle with the engine number beginning "AR" you can only fit an original style exhaust, unless you change your twin hotspot inlet manifold to the more common single hotspot inlet manifold.

Headers are 4 into 1 manifolds which offer a power increase when compared to standard or all in one exhaust systems. Merged headers are designed for racing purposes and have larger pipe work and a longer collector (the point where the 4 tubes merge) for increased power.

Headers are manufactured from cold rolled steel tubing with mandrel formed bends for maximum gas speed. All normal headers include carburettor pre-heat pipe connections for single carbs, merged headers do not. Tip: Check that the pre-heat pipes are drilled out properly before fitting an aftermarket header/exhaust. You may need to drill these yourself.

We supply EMPI exhausts as both Combo systems and some individual parts. Bugpack exhaust system are supplied as individual parts only.

EMPI & Kadron Head Systems
These header systems are not interchangable with any other brands, so you will only be able to fit a matching silencer to the correct header.

Small Flange Headers
These use 1 3/8" diameter pipe work and a triangular flange.

Large Flange Headers
These use 1 1/2" pipe and a flange with curved sides. These offer slightly more power.

Merged Headers
These are available with 1 1/2", 1 5/8", and 1 3/4" piping and use small triangular flanges.

Aftermarket Beetle Exhausts
SSP offer a huge range of aftermarket VW exhaust systems to suit any style of VW - from buggies and trikes to cal lookers and street cars. However, there are a large number of variables to consider when ordering a non-standard VW exhaust, including: ground and bodywork clearance, size, style, noise rating and coatings. In addition you will need to decide upon an appropriate 'header' - the pipework that connects your silencer to the exhaust manifold. 

Order with confidence from the leading suppliers of Volkswagen Exhaust parts, VW Aircooled Engine parts, Beetle Restoration parts, VW Spare parts and Volkswagen Genuine Parts. Heritage Parts Centre - VW Exhaust specialists since 1986. Detailed Product Descriptions, Express Delivery, 365 day returns. Buy your Volkswagen Exhaust Parts Online today!

VW Beetle History

History of the VW Beetle

Following the Allied bombing of Fallersleben, damage to the factory was estimated that 38% of the factory had been rendered useless, of the 17,000+ residents of Fallersleben were over half were VW employees, Hirst soon permitted the Germans to return to work, and by May 1945, they had produced 2 Beetles from various parts gathered from the remains of the factory, a further 56 cars were produced in 1945, not vastly different to that of the pre-war cars, save for different inner front wings, front beam, and the newer 1131cc engine that had been used in the Kubelwagen.

Convinced by Hirst, the British Army ordered 20,000 Beetles, his goal for 1946 was to achieve production levels of 1,000 cars per month. This was not an easy task, as well as limited materials and resources to contend with he also had to feed the workforce, following on from the harshness of the wartime years, the simple lunch that Hirst provided for the workers was more often than not the only meal they received.

By the end of 1946 10,020 Beetles (including a few Kommadeurwagens) had been made, so he was close to the original target. Changes over the year were minimal, mostly simple manufacturing changes with production methods being changed. Tyres however did gain ½” in width, and cardboard sound deadening was fitted to the engine bay.
In 1947 the Beetle was debuted at Hannover fair, and was met with a excited reception, previously the majority of the cars had been for military use, with only a few exceptions going to civilians. It was around this time that Dutchman Ben Pon appeared on the scene (Pon is credited with coming up with the concept for the VW Type 2). He saw a future in exporting the new VW to the Netherlands, and ordered 6 cars.


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