Airmighty Show: Photo Gallery

Airmighty Show: Photo Gallery

Aurelie, our Trade Sales Supervisor took a trip to Enschede in the Netherlands a few weeks back for the first-ever Airmighty Show. Here's how she found it.

Friends and Family Roadtrip!

Along with her partner Nico and several friends from their Kronenbus club, they traveled from France to be at this much-anticipated event.

With the stars aligned and covid restrictions fairly relaxed in Holland, the Airmighty show served as a beacon of hope for bug and bus owners who were itching to get out and do what they love once more. 

A reunion

Arriving at the private airfield in the morning they were greeted by a large hanger housing many ex-feature cars and some special new build show cars too. Outside in the sunshine was a great display from VW clubs and on the other side of the hanger an aircooled only car park gave visitors the chance to show off their vehicles too. 

"Nico knows everyone," Aurelie laughs "don't go to a show with him if you want to see the cars, he gets stopped every minute to talk to someone!" The show had a reunion vibe to it though. For many enthusiasts, this was their first event post-Covid and a chance to catch up with friends in person.

Most had travelled from Germany, Belgium, Holland and France; the fuel crisis and costs of travel from the UK no doubt kept many of our compatriots away. Hopefully, that will all be behind us when this show no doubt returns in a year or two.

Well designed

A graphic designer by trade, Niels who runs Airmighty has a fantastic eye for detail and this came across in the way that show cars were laid out and displayed. 

With a huge indoor space vehicles were able to be positioned so you could walk all around them. Some were parked on coloured carpet, others cleverly elevated into the air on a stack of old pallets. It's our absolute pleasure to share with you a whole host of our favourites below. 

Style never goes out of fashion

There were some real stunners on display. From the beautiful lines of the low light Karmann Ghia to the Porsche 356 and even a Dannenhauer & Stauss coachbuilt cabriolet. 

It's a Skoda...

Whilst Skoda may now be apart of the VW family, it hasn't always been that way. This 1960 Skoda Octavia (yes, the name goes back that far) was on display thanks to the owner's efforts slamming the body on an aircooled chassis, and complimenting it with Porsche Twist alloys and a coat of beige paint. 

All shapes and sizes

The theme running throughout Hanger 11 was quality. Just like the quarterly publication that Niels compiles (in multiple languages) for enthusiasts in Europe and beyond, it was the essence of something done very well. 

Trekkers and Beetle Campervans alike; they might not be to everyone's taste, but you couldn't knock the efforts put into their preparation. 

Best of Show! 

There was a terrific turnout for the VW Type 3 at the inaugural Airmighty show and it was a blue 1964 Squareback belonging to Robin Seifarth from Germany that took top honours and bagged best of show. You can find out about the other prize winners here.  

So, that was the Airmighty show... What a corker with all things considered, and we're sure it would have been a jam packed sell out if travel was less restricted and health concerns were a distant memory. Here's hoping to an even safer sequal for us all to enjoy. 

Andy / Aurelie

1 month ago
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