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Porsche 914 Motor

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  • 914  Bloque motor y soportes 914 Bloque motor y soportes
  • 914  Bloque motor y soportes 914 Bloque motor y soportes
  • 914  Cigüeñales y bielas 914 Cigüeñales y bielas
  • 914  Kits de camisas y pistones 914 Kits de camisas y pistones
  • 914  Culata 914 Culata
  • 914  Sistema de aceite 914 Sistema de aceite
  • 914  Balancines y levas 914 Balancines y levas

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  1. Chaveta de Válvula  fits Escarabajo,T2,T3,T1,Karmann Ghia,Escarabajo cabrio,Tipo 3,golf_mk1,Golf Mk2,t4,golf_mk1_cabriolet,golf_mk3,golf_mk3_cabrio,caddy_mk1,Scirocco,Jetta,Corrado,polo_n,Vento,P914
    Product of the EU

    Chaveta de Válvula


    Product Vehicle Years
    Escarabajo1960 - 1979
    T21968 - 1979
    T31980 - 1992
    T11960 - 1967
    Karmann Ghia1960 - 1974
    Escarabajo cabrio1960 - 1979
    Tipo 31962 - 1973
    golf_mk11975 - 1983
    Golf Mk21984 - 1992
    t41991 - 2003
    golf_mk1_cabriolet1979 - 1992
    golf_mk31992 - 1998
    golf_mk3_cabrio1994 - 1998
    caddy_mk11983 - 1992
    Scirocco1974 - 1989
    Jetta1979 - 1992
    Corrado1989 - 1995
    polo_n1995 - 2000
    Vento1992 - 1998
    P9141970 - 1976
    2,80 € 2,31 €
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Artículos 1-36 de 141

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Porsche 914-6 Engine Parts

Heritage Parts Centre has all of the Porsche engine parts you could require for both air- cooled Porsche and water-cooled Porsche models, too.

Whether you’re rebuilding a Porsche 914 engine or perhaps just servicing a Porsche 914-6, be sure to check the online webshop, where you’ll find everything you’ll need. Porsche exhaust systems and parts, Porsche cylinder head, Porsche crankshaft, we have whatever you need to complete your Porsche engine rebuild!

If you can't see what you need for your 914s Type 4 motor, then take a look over on the VW side of the web shop, where you'll find an even larger range of parts for these motors, in the "Engine" and "Fuel & Induction" categories of the Bay Window bus. 

And, with more than 30 years experience in the supply and distribution of classic VW parts, you’re in safe hands with Heritage Parts. Why not speak to one of our experienced sales advisors, who will be able to provide help and advice to ensure that you end up with the correct Porsche engine components for your project.

Our Shoreham-based warehouse provides the storage and the infrastructire required to provide a top quality service, hence many Porsche parts can be picked, packed and posted for next day delivery. And don’t forget that your Porsche engine parts can even be delivered direct to your preferred Porsche engine specialist or Porsche workshop, if required. Remember, it’s not just the 6-cylinder Porsche 914-6 engine range that we stock Porsche repair and service parts for, but also the four-cylinder Porsche 914, too.

For Porsche engine gaskets, Porsche engine bearings, Porsche rebuild parts and Porsche service items are available, along with a full range of Porsche engine ancillaries and related parts – simply browse through our Porsche online parts catalogue! And remember, if you can’t find the parts you require, just call one of Porsche sales team who will be happy to help!