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  1. Juego de aletines GTI  fits golf_mk1,golf_mk1_cabriolet,Jetta
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    Juego de aletines GTI


    Product Vehicle Years
    golf_mk11975 - 1983
    golf_mk1_cabriolet1979 - 1987
    Jetta1979 - 1983
    74,17 € 61,30 €
    Entrega en 2-3 semanas
  2. kit chapas inferiores motor  fits Escarabajo,T2,T1,Karmann Ghia,Escarabajo cabrio
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    kit chapas inferiores motor


    Product Vehicle Years
    Escarabajo1961 - 1979
    T21968 - 1979
    T11961 - 1967
    Karmann Ghia1961 - 1974
    Escarabajo cabrio1961 - 1979
    51,81 € 42,82 €
    Sólo 3 disponible
  3. Juego de guías asientos delanteros.  fits Escarabajo,golf_mk1,Golf Mk2,golf_mk1_cabriolet,golf_mk3,golf_mk3_cabrio,caddy_mk1,Scirocco,Jetta,Corrado,polo_n,Vento,Golf Mk2 USA
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    Juego de guías asientos delanteros.


    Product Vehicle Years
    Escarabajo1971 - 1979
    golf_mk11975 - 1983
    Golf Mk21984 - 1992
    golf_mk1_cabriolet1979 - 1993
    golf_mk31992 - 1998
    golf_mk3_cabrio1994 - 2002
    caddy_mk11983 - 1992
    Scirocco1974 - 1989
    Jetta1979 - 1992
    Corrado1989 - 1995
    polo_n1995 - 2002
    Vento1992 - 1998
    Golf Mk2 USA1985 - 1992
    17,04 € 14,08 €
    Sólo 3 disponible

Artículos 1-36 de 238

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Heritage Kits – All the Best Parts for your VW Project in One Box

As classic car enthusiasts ourselves we understand the importance of having the right car parts at the right time. There is nothing more frustrating than wishing you had a ‘new one of those’ when your classic VW or Porsche is immobilized on your driveway on a Saturday afternoon, and you cannot get the missing car parts you need until Monday morning.

We absolutely feel this pain, it still happens to us occasionally too, and this real-life experience has been our main motivation behind creating Heritage Kits.

Service kits for all regular DIY tasks

Our knowledge gained over 35 years of what breaks when you carry out a VW suspension job, and what Porsche service parts need changing together, has been built into a huge database of associated parts. We have painstakingly processed all that information and created car parts project kits for all regular DIY tasks to help you get your project finished quicker and more easily.

Whether you are changing brakes on a Beetle, or fitting new bumpers to your bus, there is no denying the peace of mind and convenience that having a Heritage project kit offers. Even the most seasoned of mechanics can get caught out or forget to order something; our car parts bundle kits are perfect for first timers and professionals alike.

All the best brands in one box!

One of the great things about Heritage Service and Repair Kits, is that we control what goes into the box. That means we can mix and match the best brands for engine servicing, steering overhaul, suspension upgrades, seal replacement and bodywork repairs, ensuring we deliver you the best quality product every time.

Save time and money

Heritage Kits are carefully pieced together with components from our favourite suppliers. We know you don’t want to be repeating the same job twice, so quality is key; where possible original specification parts are included as standard. With our extra value kits, you will have everything you need to complete your engine service, brake overhaul or window seal change, saving you time and money.

Our Heritage Kits are boxed and ready to go so that they can be quickly picked and dispatched and delivered to your door, place of work or even garage of choice within a matter of days.