We understand that your VW Transporter is more than just a car to you. The time, effort and money invested to create a practical leisure vehicle that can provide days and nights away with friends and family is something that deserves to be acknowledged when creating a VW T4, T5 or T6 insurance policy to best meet your needs.

Whether you own a brand new VW T6 with a professionally installed camping interior, or you have built your own get-away vehicle based on a panel van or Caravelle: our range of VW T4 insurance and T5 Transporter Insurance policies will offer peace of mind allowing you to get out and do what you really want to do. 

Single Cabs, Crew Cabs, Microbuses, Caravelles and Coachbuilt campervan creations. Heritage Parts Centre VW Transporter insurance scheme can provide quotes for them all.

Your bus may be highly modified, or just as it was the day it rolled out of the VW factory. Our modified VW Transporter Insurance scheme is appreciative and accepting that enthusiasts like to personalise their vehicles, and many modifications carry no additional premium at all.

Do you drive on the other side? Imported and LHD VW Transporter insurance is just another service we can provide with the Heritage Parts Centre insurance scheme.

The Heritage Parts Centre VW T5 Insurance scheme, and that for VW T4 and T6, has been created by enthusiasts who understand the importance of the vehicles they are covering and is provided by Heritage Insurance, a brand name of Norton Insurance Brokers.

Get a quote below for a Volkswagen Transporter insurance policy that not only offers great value for money, but importantly gives you the peace of mind to get out and enjoy your VW Transporter, which is probably the reason you built it, or bought it in the first place!

On top of insuring your pride and joy, the Heritage Parts Centre insurance scheme is also able to quote and offer cover for other vehicles in your ownership too. Daily drivers, work vans, motorhomes, other cherished vehicles and even motorbikes. Extra vehicles can be added as required and further discounts will be offered for each additional vehicle insured.

Pop your details into the enquiry form, and an adviser will be in touch shortly.


All cosmetic modifications along with any modifications from the below list will not impact premium when you insure with Heritage Insurance via VW Heritage Parts Centre. Any other modifications not listed below, or not falling under the category of cosmetic, will be looked at on a referral basis.

  • Performance cylinder heads including port, polish and gas flow work.
  • Cams, rockers and lifters – valve train upgrades all allowed.
  • Exhaust upgrades - merged headers, manifolds, full systems and back boxes.
  • Air filter upgrades – panel filters and induction kit.
  • Carb conversions – twin carbs and bike carb upgrades all permitted.
  • Intercoolers – Bigger intercoolers, charge coolers etc.
  • Performance software – ECU remap and chip upgraded.
  • Wheel upgrades including split-rims and banded steel.
  • Narrowed and adjustable beams, IRS and Swing axle conversions all included.
  • Bigger brakes – including disc upgrades and servo installations.
  • Stiffer shocks, lowering springs and adjustable coil overs and lift kits.
  • Custom adjustable suspension.
  • Chassis notching.
  • Respray including colour changes.
  • Original and non-standard body kits including wide arches, spoilers and splitters.
  • Bespoke interior including sports seats and re-trims.
  • Roll cages and bucket seats.
  • Car audio installation.
  • Camping conversion – Professional and homebuilt.
  • Pop Top.
  • Air cooled engine swaps including Subaru conversion.
  • Water cooled engine conversions including G40/ AFH /16v / G60 /1.8 Turbo / TFSI / VR6 / R32.
  • Upgraded turbo including bolt on turbo kit.
  • Supercharger upgrades: stage 1-4 G40 & G60.
  • Bolt on supercharger kits including Judson.
  • Custom paintwork including pin striping, metal flake and airbrushing.
  • Body conversions including beach buggies and kit cars.
  • Rally and race preparation. Track day cars welcome.


  • Agreed value cover - We understand that if you've spent thousands getting and keeping your cherished VW Beetle in A1 condition, you don't want to accept a "market value" settlement in the event of a total loss. We offer agreed valuation on your policy by getting experts to assess your Beetle and agree an appropriate level of cover for its true value.
  • Modified VW Beetle Insurance - all your declared modifications are covered
  • Flexible limited mileage - the fewer miles you cover in a year, the less you pay.
  • Shows, rallies and events cover - these are included as standard, if the event is non-competitive.
  • Up to 90 days of European green card cover is included, free of charge.
  • Protected No Claims Bonus available on some policies.
  • ICE Cover as standard
  • Salvage retention, which can give you the option of buying back the vehicle or selected parts in the event of a total loss.
  • Cover for dismantled and spare parts and build-up of kits available.
  • Laid up cover for accidental damage, fire and theft protection for cars that are registered off-road (SORN)
  • Legal cover up to £100,000 available as an optional add-on
  • Discounts for taking security precautions
  • Multi Car insurance available with discounts based on number of cars and drivers. Multi car can cover your modern cars as well as modified and/or classic vehicles, motorbikes, motorhomes and vans. Specialists in Beetle-based kits and buggies, such as the Baja Bug, Wizard Roadster or Beach Buggy.
  • Club membership discounts
  • Ownership discounts

* Policy features will vary between schemes - if you particularly need a particular benefit, please mention this when speaking with the insurance adviser


Heritage Insurance have specialised in insuring classic cars for over 50 years. An independent, family-owned business, their focus is on providing excellent service to the more than 20,000 customers who trust Heritage to deliver the right cover with a flexible, friendly approach.

Heritage Insurance aims to offer you the best options available in the market. They have close relationships with a large panel of underwriters and have secured many exclusive schemes, giving plenty of pulling power when negotiating the best deals with insurers.

Heritage Insurance take pride on their team of well-trained staff who support customers every day. This dedication to customer excellence saw them named Personal Lines Broker of the Year in 2018 by Broker Network.