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Volkswagen T25 Body Panels 

VW T25 Body Panels for Restoration and Repairs

Explore our extensive range of durable and precision-fit VW T25 body panels at Heritage Parts Centre. Whether you're working on a minor chassis repair or a complete restoration project, we have the right panels for Volkswagen T25.

Type 25 Body Repair Panels

We stock plenty of VW T25 body repair panels to help you or your workshop deal with corrosion and accident damage, including many front panel sections, cab door repairs, T3 wheel arch replacements, and new battery trays. With options for inner and outer sills, side panels, and rear corners, Heritage Parts Centre provides a comprehensive selection for your T25 restoration needs.

VW T25 Chassis Repairs

Given their age, chassis repairs will be almost inevitable during your T25 project. So, ensure you work and build on a solid foundation with our T25 chassis components, including jacking points, T25 suspension mounts, and replacement load floors. 

Quality Consumables for your T25 Restoration

Complete your T25 restoration with our premium consumables. From high quality degreasers, seam sealers, primers, through to rust prevention products to ensure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. We’ve got your back on this!

Expert Guidance on T25 Body Panels

Got any questions about choosing the right T25 body panels for your application? Contact us at, and our knowledgeable team will steer you in the right direction. To make our answer quicker and easier to deliver, please include your chassis number and any specific photographs of the areas in question. 

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