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VW Vehicle Information


From Wolfsburg to Mexico, read the extensive history of VW's first and maybe, find out more about your own.

History of the Beetle

Beetle Chassis Numbers


Beetle mechanicals & a coachbuilt body. Possibly the most beautiful VW ever created? Read more about it here.

History of the Karmann Ghia


Pickup, Panel Van, or Microbus? We have all the details of the first generation of the VW Transporter.

History of the T1 Bus

Split Bus Chassis Numbers


Early or late, which do you prefer? Maybe a panel van is more your thing. Read all about the second generation Bus.

History of the T2 Bay Bus

TYPE 25 'T3' BUS

Aircooled, Watercooled, Petrol, Diesel. Love them or hate them, the third generation VW Transporter has a lot to offer.

History of the Type 25 Bus

Type 25 Chassis Numbers


Builder's van, kite surfer's place to dry off, or a family campervan. This versatile vehicle has become a modern classic.

Chassis Numbers & PR Codes


A classic city run around or the first ever hot hatch, Volkswagen changed the hatchback landscape with this iconic vehicle.

History of the Mk1 Golf


The second generation Golf offered everything from a sensible family hatchback, to a 4WD Rally homologated racer.

History of the Mk2 Golf

Volkswagen Beetle and Camper Engine Oil

Oil is the lifeline of your engine, especially for the air cooled models which rely heavily on oil for cooling purposes. Therefore it is very important to ensure you're using the correct oil for your VW engine.

Read this quickfire guide to help you find the right oil for your aircooled engine...

Making Sure Your Aircooled Engine Stays Cool

Ensure your aircooled engine is running as cool as it should,  by reading through our simple checklist


Oil is the lifeline of your engine. We have a detailed article over on our blog, to help understand the importance of choosing the correct oil for your VW or Porsche.

Read all about it here...

Volkswagen Chassis Numbers

With so many years of Volkswagen production, it's sometimes difficult to know exactly which year car you have. After 1955, the Volkswagen production years run from August to July so a car built in August 1967 is actually a 1968 model! To help with this, we have compiled lists of VW chassis numbers for various vehicles, to help you to reference.

Understanding aircooled VW chassis numbers, over on our blog...

Volkswagen Engine and Gearbox Codes

It's quite rare nowadays to find a classic Volkswagen Beetle or VW Camper still fitted with its original engine. Because of the simplicity of the flat 4 layout it was sometimes easier to just replace the entire engine rather than fault finding and repairing. Therefore if you want to buy parts for your Volkswagen Beetle or Bus engine then please check your engine number. The same is also true of the Type 25 (T3) Bus, as it was originally fitted with four different kinds of engine and also for the T4, with a wide range of engines that were regularly updated. These guides will ensure that we get the right parts out to you first time, and get you back on the road.

Understand your aircooled VW engine number, read all about it over on our blog...

Buying Guides

Looking for your first ever step onto the VW ladder, or a brand fan adding to an existing collection our in depth Volkswagen Buying guides are the perfect resource to help you sort the diamonds from the duffers. Packed full of model information, detailed imagery and input from some of the most knowledgeable VW & Porsche fans in the world. If you're in the market some German metal, then be sure to have a good read through here first.

Chrome Plating Information

We try and make things as clear as possible in our part descriptions, but it's not always easy. We often receive questions regarding the various finishes we offer on our chrome plating and the warranty that covers them. Read below for more information.

  • Best Quality Chrome - The best available which includes a 1 years warranty on finish. Great for a high end restoration where finish is key. We recommend they still be cleaned regularly with a non abrasive wax, and the backs of bumpers should be painted with a quality metal paint.
  • Sunny Climate Chrome - Still looks great, but will tarnish and corrode quickly unless cleaned regularly. As the name suggests, it's best for sunny climates.

Heritage Parts Centre - Parts Qualities Explained

  • Genuine Quality - Manufactured by VW.
  • Top Quality - Manufactured to the same quality as original often by brands who supply directly to VW. IE Bosch, Hella, etc.
  • Good Quality - Often made using new tooling, almost as good as genuine.
  • Reproduction Quality - When a good or genuine item is not available, we offer reproduction items. Still a servicable item but sometimes requires additional work to fit.