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Why we love the VW T4

As the first front engined VW Transporter, the Volkswagen T4 bus is a real favourite at VW Heritage. Our team have owned numerous short nose T4 and long nose T4 examples, and even had a T4 Syncro too. It also came in many guises - the T4 Caravelle, California Camper, Westfalia, Kombi Van, Syncro, Pick-Up or Panel Van. Of course, it’s pretty handy for us as we have all the VW T4 parts on the shelf, whenever we need them! With their modern engine, and relative refinement over the outgoing model they offered the opportunity to cruise at motorway speeds and beyond, especially in the VW T4 VR6 model!

Quality VW T4 accessories and spares

We have built our reputation on supplying genuine VW Transporter accessories, or the finest reproductions available. We are constantly sourcing new products to add to our incredible range. To find the VW T4 parts you require, simply select the appropriate area of the car from the categories above. Our online store includes exploded diagrams and photographs to help you identify which VW Transporter parts you require. You can order your parts with confidence from the leading suppliers of VW T4 Parts, VW Van Spares, VW Camper Parts, VW Engine Parts, VW Exhaust Parts, VW Performance Parts, Campervan Accessories and VW Van Parts UK. 

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Once you have picked the right VW T4 parts for your vehicle you can choose a number of different delivery options. Our Free service typically takes 2-3 days and is perfect if you’re not in a rush for your Volkswagen Transporter parts. If your T4 spares are a little more urgent, we’d suggest choosing the Express Delivery option, with same day dispatch, when ordered before 3pm (GMT).

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Are VW T4s reliable?

Yes, in short Volkswagen built a decent vehicle with the T4 Transporter. You only need to look at how many are still in regular use on the roads to offer some reassurance that you have made or are making a sensible choice in picking a VW T4.  

As with the Type 25 and the Type 2 before it, the T4 is now starting to go up in value, however there are still plenty of vans out there that have spent years being unloved vehicles which could cause their new owners reliability issues in the future, due to a poor maintenance in the past.

It will come as no surprise to any VW enthusiast that the T4 also suffers with body corrosion so whilst a rusty sill or corroded wheel arch won’t stop you at the side of the road it may well lead to an MOT test fail, leaving you without a vehicle until it is fixed and made solid once more. 

In the same way that people require the right balanced diet, your T4 can’t be expected to work without some key ingredients, and a sympathetic ear should any nasty noises appear. Choosing a T4 Camper with a decent service history should increase your chances of it being reliable for you. From the simple things like an oil change and new filters, through to timing belts, suspension bushes and exhaust pipes. 

Should you be carrying a lot of weight, or navigating rough terrain, additional wear will be put on suspension components, so springs might be more prone to snapping, bushes will creak, and wheel bearings can become noisy, and eventually fail. 

The VW T4 is not a fit and forget appliance, like a Tesla!

Are VW T4s expensive to maintain? 

If you start with a bad one, the VW T4 could empty your bank account very quickly trying to get everything back to how it should be. 

So, take your time when you are shopping for a T4 Transporter. Read our T4 buying guide for some great pointers to avoid picking a lemon, and hopefully nothing will come as a major surprise for you. 

The good thing about strong values with these models is that they are worth doing the work properly on. If you plan to keep it, treat yourself to quality T4 parts, and a comprehensive history file with genuine T4 parts listed will look after you should you need to sell it. 

The 4-cylinder models are generally easier to work on than the 5 cylinder petrol / diesel models or the 6 cylinder VR6, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands dirty if you wanted to. Most servicing procedures will be the same as any other VW of the era.  

The T4 can suffer from cylinder head cracking, so it is important to keep an eye on engine temperatures and ensure you are not losing any coolant. A new thermostat, coolant flange or radiator will be considerably cheaper than a replacement cylinder head and the labour bill to go with it. 

Are T4 parts expensive? 

In the main, T4 parts are reasonably priced and affordable new, and widely available second hand too. Being a commercial model there is less cross over from the passenger vehicles of the period, such as the Golf and Passat. Whilst the 1.9 Diesel engine does share many similarities with the Mk3 Golf and the punchy VR6 crops up in the Golf, Corrado and Passat the 5 cylinder models owe their genetics to Audi, and this may affect the price of those parts accordingly.  

When it comes to modifications, lowering springs or T4 coilovers will set you back a little more than a car as they need to be considerably more heavy duty. The same is true with alloy wheels, and we would always advise fitting load rated wheels on a T4 to avoid any possible cracking issues, which could lead to a part failure or worse still, an accident.

Everything is bigger in a van, so if you need Eurovan side glass or a T4 windscreen it will naturally cost you more than the same item for a much smaller car, say a VW Polo. Underneath, the exhaust system is of course, longer than a car, and even more so on a Long Wheelbase model, so budget for that. 

Repair panels are priced in accordance with how much metal they require, and plastic bumpers represent pretty good value, although being so large you will be paying more for shipping to have them delivered to you.