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Porsche 914 Parts & Accessories

Shop from our huge range of Porsche 914 parts, spares and accessories. Choose the category below and filter down to the part, brand or quality you need. Try our Heritage kits, handy project bundles for everything you need in one box. Don’t forget to check the new products for your vehicle and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section.

Porsche 914 Parts & Accessories

Heritage Parts Centre is an experienced mail order supplier specialising in all types of Porsche 914 parts. If you are shopping for 914 brake parts, or Porsche 914 exhausts you have come to the right place. Our range of Porsche 911 body panels are perfect for both the DIY mechanic and the Porsche specialist alike.

Whether you are working on a Porsche 914 project yourself, in your garage at home, and need parts to complete a particular job, or you are contemplating some routine maintenance and need 930 Turbo service parts to keep your vehicle in good health and ready to drive another year, we are here to help.

Specialising in top quality Porsche components and accessories we can deliver the items you require to your doorstep for the very next day. For customers not in a rush our free delivery service typically takes 2-3 days, perfect if you have only ordered a couple of Porsche 914 accessories, or have a long running Porsche restoration on the go.

If you are ordering parts for a Porsche specialist garage or mechanic to install, we can arrange delivery directly to them if you prefer.

Porsche 916 Spares Suppliers You Can Trust

Established over 30 years supplying classic Volkswagen parts, Heritage Parts Centre offer enthusiast led service with technical knowledge, infrastructure and logistics to make sure that your Porsche parts buying experience is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

We have strong relationships with leading Porsche part manufacturers enabling us to supply and stock a large quantity of our Porsche product range here at our warehouse in Shoreham-by-Sea. We are adding to our Porsche parts catalogue all the time, so if you can’t see the part you are after, please give us a call. One of our Porsche sales advisors will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

Porsche 914 FAQs

Are Porsche 914 a good investment?

The Porsche 914 represents the lowest rung on the aircooled Porsche ownership ladder in terms of cost, but it is thought by most owners that these mid engined sportscars will follow in the footsteps of their booming big brother, the Porsche 911, 912, 964 and 993 models with regards to their market value in the future.

However, with 911 prices softening a little after a crazy couple of years, the Porsche 914 is back in the realms of being a realistic and affordable classic car for most enthusiasts, although the much sought after 6-cylinder versions, the 914-6, be they original cars, or even recreations are now commanding 911 money. 

Naturally for investors, the hope is that the prices will pick up again, and owners will be able to drive their savings account on a Sunday, rather than just check it on a computer screen, safe in the knowledge they could always sell up and turn a tidy profit should they need to. 

So, what is the worry? Why hasn’t everyone bought a Porsche 914? The truth is not everyone likes the quirky two-seater. Developed in partnership with VW and traditionally sporting a VW derived 1700cc, 1800cc or 2000cc flat 4 engine, it could be argued by the sceptics that its not a ‘proper Porsche’ because of its engine configuration and placement.

Alongside its quirky styling, with the lift off targa roof panel, discreet door handles and pop up headlamps, there is also a limited number of new parts available to help keep these vehicles on the road. Whilst the 911 has a huge international following, the little 914 is often overshadowed, and subsequently owners are reliant upon a handful of Porsche 914 parts specialists to help keep their car on the road. 

Should you get one? Absolutely! Read our 914 buyers guide here. 

Are Porsche 914 easy to work on?

The Porsche 914 with it mid-engine layout can be a little bit tricky to work on, we’re not going to lie. Access to the engine is by a flap behind the rear windscreen,  and you can either dive in from above, or crawl underneath to carry out your service work. Adjusting the valves is a particularly troublesome task with the exhaust system needing to be removed to make access to the rocker covers feasible for all but the bendiest of mechanics. 

For the majority, the engine basics, are the same as the Type 4 VW engine so parts are pretty reasonable and readily available. Cars from the USA had fuel injection systems fitted, but it is common for those to have been poorly maintained, either leaving you with an expensive rebuild cost or the decision to move over to carburettors for a simpler life!

Front and rear suspension are much simpler systems, and there are cross over parts with the 911 for those looking for some performance orientated upgrades. 

When it comes to restoring and fighting rust you will soon become familiar with the term ‘the hell hole’ on a Porsche 914. This area is located below the battery tray on the right side of the engine bay and is so named because it is a natural collection place for rainwater mixed with battery acid, which may leak from the battery and first erodes the metal in the engine bay, and then the chassis members below that. 

If you are buying a project make sure you check this area with great care!

Are Porsche 914 reliable?

German vehicles are famed for their build quality and general reliability, and the Porsche 914 can be a reliable car if it is well looked after. 

Firstly, you need to consider that these vehicles are close to 50 years old, the technology is older and the components fitted have probably gone through years of wear and tear, so comparison to a forecourt fresh vehicle is a little unfair. 

Having said that, with the right mechanical sympathy and a decent service regime there is no reason why you should not be able to tackle long trips, track days or even daily driving in a Porsche 914. We’d suggest doing all of those in the summer months, rather than tempting the rain and cold to find a way inside during the winter!

Should you break down, it’s essentially a VW Campervan engine you will need to coax back into life, unless you are in the fortunate position of owning a 914-6. If it’s a fueling problem and the vehicle is still using fuel injection you could find this becoming a recurring issue, so many owners opt for carburettors instead. They might not be quite as efficient, but they will reward you with reliability and the potential to fix any fueling issues yourself at the side of the road, should the worst happen. 

Are Porsche 914 fast? 

The Porsche 914 was designed to be a driver’s car, rather than a rocket ship. Having said that, it benefits from a mid-mounted engine, and low overall weight, less than 1000kg. Power wise the 1700cc offered owners 80bhp, the 1800c 86bhp and the 2000cc 99bhp, which in a vehicle weighing that little can make for some great times behind the wheel.

As a comparison, the Porsche 911 of the same era weighed over 100kg more, although it boasted more power (between 110-170bhp in 1969 when the 914 was launched). 

The Porsche 914-6 is a more performance focused car, and a version of these even competed in Le Mans 24 hour race in 1970, finishing an impressive 6th overall and winning its class outright. With production cars still weighing under 1000kg there was around 110bhp on tap, making them a little livelier, but in standard trim they are slow by modern standards (until you come to a corner, when the 914 will tackle it with ease!)

Of course, with a huge back catalogue of Porsche 6-cylinder engines at your disposal and plenty of tuning experts, you could easily, with the right money, give your Porsche 914 well over 200bhp and rip up race tracks and back roads to your hearts content!