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Shop from our huge range of Porsche 944 parts, spares, and accessories all available to buy online. Choose the category below and filter down to the part, brand, or quality you need. Try our Heritage kits, handy project bundles for everything you need in one box. Don’t forget to check the new products for your vehicle and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section.

Porsche 944 Parts & Accessories Online

If you are searching for top quality Porsche 944 parts and spares then Heritage Parts Centre can help. Owners of 944 models are often unfairly overlooked, and whilst the 944 may be a slightly slower car in comparison to its big brother the 911, it is still a Porsche, and plays an important role in the history of the Stuttgart brand. We also provide a good range of 2.5, 2.7 or a 3.0 Porsche 944. You might drive a 944 cabriolet or be shopping for 944 Turbo parts; whatever your Porsche, we look forward to helping you with the parts that you need.

944 Spares

You could be completing a routine service at the weekend and need Porsche 944 engine parts and consumables, or maybe you have welding jobs on your S2 and are looking for 944 body repair panels. We have everything you need ready to order online and shipped to you for the next day. 

Need to send some Porsche 944 parts direct to your garage? Not a problem, we can deliver to your chosen Porsche specialist, or independent mechanic. They can even order from us themselves if they prefer. Ordering 944 parts online is simple and fast and we are ready to ship your items straight away. 

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Having spent the past 30 years specialising in classic Volkswagen vehicles we’ve been naturally drawn towards Stuttgart’s favourite brand to offer our services, albeit with Porsche 944 parts to a new group of enthusiasts. The front engined Porsche is a firm favourite amongst the team at Heritage Parts Centre, and our enthusiasm for supplying parts for transaxle Porsche models is second to none. With an almost perfect weight balance, and an ergonomic driving position that makes you feel at one with the vehicle, it’s almost impossible to not enjoy the experience.


Porsche 944 FAQ’s

Is a Porsche 944 a good first car? 

The Porsche 944 would be a very cool first car, but the cost of insurance is likely to be the limiting factor for most teenage motorists. 

The entry level 944 had a 2.5 litre engine and produced around 160hp, which isn’t a huge number by todays standards. However, handing the keys of any Porsche to an inexperienced driver could be asking for trouble. 

As an alternative, the Porsche 924, with its 2 litre engine is blessed with much the same silhouette as the 944, and still enjoys the 50/50 weight distribution, but with around 50hp less, it might be more likely to get past the insurance company as a suitable first car. 

Failing that, a Porsche 914, a VW Golf or even Beetle could give you some classic first-time car thrills with tangible links to the Porsche 944, whilst potentially reducing the insurance premium. 

Is a Porsche 944 a good daily driver?

The answer to this question all depends on expectations. Porsches, as we have said many times before, are an everyday sportscar; they are designed to be driven. So, providing the vehicle is in good shape mechanically, absolutely you could use it every day. 

Would you want to, that is the question? Having done it though, let me fill in the blanks for you. 

Old cars aren’t particularly warm in the winter. They like to get ice on the inside, let in a little bit of water so you get condensation, and sometimes will not start! With the engine offering starting off at 2.5 litres (compared to the average size of a new car engine in the UK being 1.6 litres) means you will be using more fuel than your fellow road users, especially if you are commuting within a town environment, continually stopping, and starting. 

As an occasional daily driver, perhaps as a car that is used to facilitate a hybrid working arrangement, then certainly a Porsche 944 as a daily driver is something to consider. The later models being a great balance between modernity and classic car, with a cockpit that is comfortable and far more in keeping with a newer vehicle than the earlier ‘square dash’ models. 

Read my full article on owning a Porsche 944 here. 

Is the Porsche 944 reliable?

German built cars of the eighties have a great reputation for reliability and durability. Whilst you may not see them on the road every day, the number of BMW, Mercedes and VW from that time period speaks volumes when compared to models from other manufacturers. Naturally, Porsche sits shoulder to shoulder in this list of heavy hitters with regards to producing cars that last and remain reliable. 

The Porsche 944 was a favourite with sales representatives and small business owners when new and most oedometer readings will tell the story of a car that was built to be driven and used frequently, if not daily. 

Today, if properly maintained, the Porsche 944 can be a reliable classic car to soak up motorways and country lanes alike. We know many customers who use them for long journeys and road trips on a regular basis. 

Is a Porsche 944 easy to work on?

Yes, the Porsche 944 is relatively simple for the regular DIY mechanic to maintain and work on. With the engine in the front, and a large rear hinged bonnet, access to spark plugs, air filter and oil filter is straight forward. 

Likewise the 944 brakes and suspension share plenty of similarities with a VW Golf and a VW Beetle, and don’t require any special tools or equipment to service them. It is only when it comes to more complex things, such as timing belts or electronics that you may find the need to involve a specialist to solve your problems for you.   

Are Porsche 944 expensive to maintain?

In comparison to their purchase price, yes, a Porsche 944 is an expensive car to maintain, but just think of all the extra joy it is bringing you…

Porsche 944s are similarly priced to VW Golf Mk2 GTIs at the time of writing, however the Volkswagen is a little more wallet friendly when it comes to servicing and the sourcing of parts. In most cases there are multiple manufacturers for VW Golf parts, however, for the Porsche 944, there are far less choices available, especially now, almost 40 years since they were new. 

Should this put you off? No, not at all. Just plan your maintenance schedule, put some money aside each month, and as boring as it sounds, prioritize the parts that will keep your vehicle on the road, rather than make it prettier or drive faster. A shiny car that is stuck in the garage because the engine went bang is not much fun for anyone!

Are Porsche 944 going up in value?

The good news for those already owning a Porsche 944, is that we feel they are gaining in status and in value daily. If you haven’t bought one yet, then do your research and jump on the wagon before it leaves the station for good.