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Porsche 911 Parts & Accessories

Shop from our huge range of Porsche 911, spares and accessories. Browse the categories below and simply click through and explore the huge range of 911 parts we sell online. Try our Heritage kits; these handy project bundles have everything you need in one box. Don’t forget to check the new products for your 911 and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section. 

Porsche 911 Parts & Accessories - Order Online

We love the 911 in all its forms and we love being part of something that keeps as many of them on the road and in working order as possible. As well as stocking a massive range of 911 parts, spares and accessories we also have a huge amount of knowledge. If you can't find what you are looking for then please drop us an e mail and we will try and help, even help you source something if we are unable to supply it.  – You can E mail us at or fill out the form on our Contact Page.

911 Experts

Heritage Parts Centre is an experienced mail order supplier specialising in all types of Porsche 911 parts. If you are shopping for 911 brake parts or exhausts you have come to the right place. Our range of Porsche 911 body panels are perfect for both the DIY mechanic and the Porsche specialist alike.

Whether you are working on a Porsche 911 project yourself, in your garage at home, and need parts to complete a particular job, or you are contemplating some routine maintenance and need 911 service parts to keep your vehicle in good running order and ready to drive for another year, we are here to help.

Specialising in top quality Porsche components and accessories we can deliver the items you require to your doorstep the very next day. For customers not in a rush our free delivery service typically takes 2-3 days, perfect if you have only ordered a couple of Porsche 911 accessories, or have a long-running Porsche restoration on the go.

If you are ordering parts for a Porsche specialist garage or mechanic to install, we can arrange delivery directly to them if you prefer.

History of the 911

First launched to the world in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show the 911 made a big impact from the moment the world saw it. Taking over from the 356 the rear mounted flat-six engine and that now iconic sloping rear made the 911 an instant classic. It was originally planned as the 901 but due to a claim about naming rights from Peugeot it was changed prior to launch.

Despite being relatively slow by modern standards, the first iterations become well known for their performance and this is a theme that has continued to this day. The 911, in all its forms, does and always has delivered exceptional performance and a driving experience like no other.

911 Generations

There have been 8 generations of the 911 and we stock parts for all of them.

-          911 (1963-1973)

-          G Series (1974-1989)

-          964 (1988 – 1994)

-          993 (1993 – 1998)

-          996 (1997 – 2005)

-          997 (2004 – 2012)

-          991 (2011 – 2019)

-          992 (2018 – Present Day)

While there have been many versions of the 911 and within each version many options including Turbo charged models, GT versions, Targa tops and cabriolets they all keep the same theme, feel and soul. They are all rear engined, all generally have 2+2 seating and all have that iconic shape regardless of the spoiler options

911 Models -  Air Cooled and Water Cooled

We stock parts and spares for both water cooled and air cooled Porsche 911s.

Pre 1997 911s were all Air Cooled but the arrival of the 996 version saw a massive change. Porsche went from the traditional air cooled flat 6 to a water cooled version. This was due to emissions rules as well as a potential move to a more efficient system overall. The 997 was a huge hit and was the best selling 911 to date. The change meant more power and that was welcomed by 911 fans globally.

911 Models and Power

Over the years the power has generally increased. From the initial 150 bhp original 911 to the mighty 911 (992) Turbo S running at around 640 bhp. Of course, this didn’t happen over night and each version of the 911 had different power outputs. By 1976 the 911 S had 175 bhp but the 1974 911 Turbo had 260 bhp! In 1977 the Turbo went to 300 with a bigger 3.3 litre engine.  This trend carried on and Porsche is always improving and building on previous iterations.

So whether you own a stunning first generation 911 or a classic G series turbo we have the parts you need. Maybe you have something more modern and looking for some service parts, we have it all.

Porsche 911 Spares Suppliers You Can Trust - UK, Europe, Australia and Beyond

Established over 30 years supplying classic Volkswagen and Porsche parts, Heritage Parts Centre offers an enthusiast led service with technical knowledge, infrastructure, and logistics to make sure that your buying experience is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

We have strong relationships with leading Porsche part manufacturers enabling us to supply and stock a large quantity of our Porsche product range here at our warehouse in Shoreham-by-Sea, UK. We ship right across Europe and Australia as well as the US.

Porsche 911 FAQs

Are Porsche 911 reliable?

The Porsche 911 is often referred to as the everyday supercar, and whilst they are great fun to drive, with a wonderful turn of pace, they are also designed and engineered to be reliable too. 

It is quite common to find owners using a modern 911 as their daily driver, and these classic cars were built with regular use in mind as well.  

Of course, technology has progressed a little since the sixties and seventies, so you will find that driving a classic Porsche 911 isn’t nearly as refined as a brand-new car, but that is half the fun. Enthusiasts choose to own a classic Porsche 911 to remove themselves from the mundanity of a run-of-the-mill vehicle which they drive for the necessity of work or family life. 

Each vehicle should be judged on its own merit though, and as the phrase goes, the most expensive Porsche is a cheap Porsche. A Porsche 911 that has skipped regular services to save the previous owner money could catch you out if you are not paying attention at the purchase stage. 

There are several Pre-Purchase Inspection specialists who will, for a fee, look over a classic Porsche for you and itemize any issues that the vehicle may have, and what you could expect to pay out for in the coming years. This service could save you a fortune and ensure that your Porsche 911 ownership experience becomes a reliable and happy one. 

Is a Porsche 911 a good investment?

Judging by the past 10-20 years, the aircooled Porsche 911 has proven to be a very shrewd investment for those who saw the signs and took the plunge at the right time, with values of some models going up almost 10 times in the cases of the sought after 2.7 Carrera RS. 

Is a classic Porsche 911 still a good investment? Well values fluctuate a little, and prices are very much dependent on condition and history, but largely speaking your money should be pretty safe in an old Porsche for now, but don’t expect it to skyrocket overnight like before. Times have changed, and it is unlikely that will happen again for quite a while. 

What can you do to ensure you make a clever financial move? Think of resale if you are buying an old 911. There is an increasing demand for more unusual specifications and quirky colour combinations. Brown with a red interior could be the height of cool now, even if your friends and family might question your tastes! 

Also consider special editions and limited production models. These cars will potentially hold a more long-term appeal. 

We would encourage you to also buy for you though. We are not financial advisors, nor can we predict the future, and if prices slump overnight, you don’t want to be lumbered with a car you hate and don’t want to drive. Plus, a Porsche that doesn’t get used is prone to picking up problems - these cars were built to be used, so get out and drive, and make sure when you do buy it, you have the cash to keep the maintenance up to date. 

Read our buying guides to get an idea on what to look for before handing over any cash. 

How much does a Porsche 911 cost?

As we mentioned earlier, a cheap Porsche is the most expensive Porsche you can buy, so take care if you are searching for a bargain in the classifieds. Having said that, it is quite possible to get an aircooled Porsche 911 for less than £50,000 if you shop around. 

Unlike many marques, a convertible Porsche 911 is cheaper to buy than Targa or a Coupe model, and you could get behind the wheel of a running and driving soft top for around £40,000. 

The Targa models are a great mid-priced option, with added security and extra stiffness, but the benefit of still being able to let the sunshine in, should you pop the roof panel out. 

The Coupe models are generally the collectors pick, with the closest similarity in shape to the legendary race cars, and ripe for all kinds of modifications, should the mood take you. 

When it comes to buying a Porsche 911 project, you could get your name on the log book for as little as £15,000 but you’ll be needing plenty of 911 repair panels if you wished to make it mint again and bulging bank account to pay a professional for the privilege of doing it for you.  

The early “F body” models that ran until 1973 are the more desirable of the classic 911 shapes, and as such will command a premium. The “Impact bumper” or “G body” that ran from the mid-70s to the late 80s are the more cost-effective option, and these can always be backdated to look like the older version, if you so wished. Read our blog about 911 backdating here. 

Are Porsche 911 manual?

Most classic Porsche 911 models are three pedal, manual transmission cars. However, there are some Sport Matic models which appeared from 1967. These are ‘two-pedal’ cars with manually selected 4 forward gears. The gears are chosen in the same way as a manual, however there is no need to depress an extra pedal or struggle to find the bite as the vacuum operated clutch which is controlled by a microswitch in the gearstick, does it all for you. 

The Sport Matic isn’t an automatic as we know it today. It won’t change gears for you, but it will give your left leg a nice rest. 

Between 1974 and 1980 the Sport Matic was simplified to a three-speed gearbox, before it was retired from the range. There was then an 8 year wait before the Tiptronic gearbox appeared in the new model, the Porsche 964.

Whilst the Sport Matic is a relative rarity, they aren’t really worth anymore, with some owners put off by the additional technology hidden below the surface. Classic Porsche 911 owners still want a manual gearbox and are happy to pay extra for it. 

Is a Porsche 911 a 2 seater?

No, except for the 911 Speedster and the 911 Club Sport, almost all Porsche 911 models have 4 seats. However, the rear seats are best considered as being for occasional use, and for children rather than adults. 

Rear seatbelts are unlikely to feature in any classic Porsche 911 before the mid-1980s, and even then, if the fitment of a child seat is a deal breaker, take each vehicle and car seat on a case-by-case basis. Read up on the rules on seat belts in classic cars here. 

Track and performance focused Porsche 911 owners may have chosen to remove the rear seats to save weight, or to fit a roll cage, so do enquire if they are available if you are looking at creating more of a ‘Touring’ spec car, rather than an outright racer. Keeping the trim with the vehicle, even if you don’t have it fitted is a good choice to help keep the value of the car for the future.