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Porsche 996 Parts & Accessories

Shop from our huge range of Porsche 996 parts, spares and accessories. Choose the category below and filter down to the part, brand or quality you need. Try our Heritage kits, handy project bundles for everything you need in one box. Don’t forget to check the new products for your vehicle and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section.

Porsche 996 Spares & Accessories

Launched in 1998, the Porsche 996 (911) range included not only the first water-cooled 6-cylinder Porsche motor, but also a completely new platform for the legendary 911 model. Fortunately, Heritage Parts Centre covers not only the earlier, air-cooled models, but also stocks a full range of Porsche 996 parts, too (and many other models). This includes everything from Porsche 996 service parts through to a full range of 996 engine parts for more serious repairs and rebuilds. Looking for Porsche 996 brake parts? We can help. The same is true for Porsche 996 suspension parts and even 996 exhaust parts and kits.

And there’s more… If you need Porsche 996 body panels and parts, make sure you check out the online webshop/catalogue. And, if you can’t find the parts you’re looking for, be sure to contact one of our expert sales advisors who will be happy to help source and Porsche 996 parts for you.

Porsche 996 Spares Suppliers You Can Trust

Having supplied classic Volkswagen parts for the past 30 years, Heritage parts Centre has the knowledge, the infrastructure and the right staff to ensure that your parts are ordered, picked and delivered to your door in the shortest possible time. Incidentally, we can ship Porsche 996 parts and accessories direct to your chosen Porsche workshop or 996 mechanic, if you’d prefer. With an ever-growing range of replacement Porsche 996 parts and accessories on offer, Heritage Parts Centre is here to help you keep your Porsche 996/911 on the road and in perfect running order.

Porsche 996 FAQs

Is the Porsche 996 a Classic?

By the definition of Porsche Classic, the marques historic arm, any Porsche vehicle will become classic once it has been out of production for over 10 years. 

With the last Porsche 996 rolling out of Zuffenhausen in 2006, even the youngest of the fifth generation Neun-Elfer is now knocking on 20 years old,

In wider automotive circles, perhaps the absence of carburettors and the presence of a diagnostic port would place the Porsche 996 more in the ‘retro car’ camp than fully fledged classic that we might commonly associate with the aircooled models of the seventies and eighties.  

Just like the owners though, the cars are not getting any younger, and in fact even the Porsche 997 is now considered a classic car by its maker too. 

Is the Porsche 996 a good investment? 

History would suggest that Porsches tend to weather the economic storms a little better than some other manufacturers. And at the time of writing, the Porsche 996 is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with enthusiasts embracing its opinion dividing ‘fried egg’ headlamps and celebrating the driving experience that the last truly analogue Porsche 911 to be built has to offer.  

Are Porsche 996 going up in value?

With the meteoric rise in aircooled Porsche values in recent years, it seems that anything with a Stuttgart crest has benefited by association. As is always the case, the mileage, condition, the colour and spec and any special features will determine how good an investment the car should be. Looking to the older vehicles for some inspiration, anything with a limited edition, such as the 996 40 Jahre anniversary model, or with a GT badge, such as the GT2, GT3 or the range topping GT3-RS is going to probably look after you the best, but the costs of entry will be higher in the first place. 

Which Porsche 996 to buy? 

Away from the investment stuff, there are a few answers to ascertain before sending you out into the marketplace to buy one. It all depends on how you plan to use it, and what for? 

Do you want to drive a 996 daily? And you absolutely could…such is the wonder of these cars. Or are you searching for a Sunday driver or even a track toy? Do you want a Cabriolet to cruise in, in which case a Tiptronic gearbox might be just the ticket, or are you pining for Alpine passes, in which case three pedals and a manual gearbox are probably a must on your shopping list.

Do you want 2-wheel drive to really throw and slide the car about, or would you prefer the safety of 4 wheel drive in your high powered Porsche… If you plan to use it during the winter, or take it on longer road trips that might be a deal breaker. The wide body Carrera 4S is arguably the prettiest in the range, so that might make the decision for you. 

The 996 Turbo could be just the ticket if you want to scare your friends in the car, but the ‘widow maker’ rear wheel drive GT2 is a beast which will scare them before they even open the door!! 

Our Porsche 996 buyers guide will give you the lowdown on what to search for once you have narrowed it down a little more.

Are Porsche 996 reliable?

As you would expect from a vehicle made in the late nineties and early noughties, reliability woes from antiquated technology will not worry you in the same way a classic 911 owner might be concerned. However, there are things which can catch out the unsuspecting 996 owner, especially if services have been skipped and tell-tale signs of smoke and sooty tailpipes have been ignored. 

Coolant leaks are a common place, thanks to poorly protected radiators and condensers in the front bumper and lengthy pipes that corrode running from front to back under the car. 

If you’ve managed to avoid any talk of IMS bearings or bore score on your travels around the internet, then congratulations. Whilst this was quite a major topic ten years ago, almost all the vehicles initially affected will have now received engine rebuilds or at least oil seal replacements, so the panic should be far reduced for the prospective 996 buyer. 

Can you use a Porsche 996 everyday? Yes, absolutely. With air-conditioning in most, a decent auto-box option or a clutch pedal that doesn’t take an Olympian to operate it, the 996 is happy to potter in traffic around town as much as soak up the country lanes and consume copious motorway miles. If you are considering it, then do it, just make sure you have some money in reserve just in case.