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Heretics On The Road x The Motorist: July 2023

Heretics On The Road x The Motorist: July 2023

Heretics On The Road x The Motorist: July 2023

For the second of our scheduled 'On The Road' events, our team set their Sat Navs for The Motorist, a dedicated motoring destination just outside of Leeds for a Friday night of car chat, coffee, and making new friends. 

Why go on the road?!

Don't get us wrong, we love hosting our events at Heritage HQ in sunny Shoreham, but we also love meeting new people, and hearing new car stories and if it takes a 500-mile round trip to get that, well, we're gonna do it! A big thanks to the team at the Motorist for making us feel so welcome, and playing hosts for the evening, and a shout out to everyone who brought their vehicles out to see us. 

What is the Motorist?

The Motorist Hub is just that, a hub. A location with almost everything you could imagine for the discerning driver. On top of a huge car parking area that hosts daily motoring events with space for close to 1000 vehicles, they also boast a luxury restaurant called '"The Arnage" an onsite workshop and body shop, a cafe, and a shop selling some fantastic merch, plus a range of locally sourced produce including Hawkstone beer from Jeremy Clarkson's Farm and Gin made by James May! To say we were impressed was an understatement. 

Rolling in...

What would turn up next? Our On The Road events have brought tons of new vehicles to our attention, and that can only be a good thing. There must have been over 200 cars parked on site, and whilst not all of them wore a VW or Porsche badge, there was a great interest from owners and the general public over what we get up to 'down south'.

Purpose Built

 If only we had this amount of room at Heritage HQ, with on-site catering and purpose-built buildings purely for entertaining enthusiasts of an evening... That would be cool, wouldn't it?! For now, we'll have to make do with places like The Motorist and the Classic Motor Hub (we're heading there on the morning of Saturday 19th August) to get our regular bricks-and-mortar motoring fix. 

Don't forget the last Heretics of the year is on Thursday 7th September at Heritage HQ in Shoreham. No tickets are required. 

Bus Stop

Big ones, small ones, and some made even smaller - yep, that is a shortened Single Cab! There was plenty of Camper, van, and bus action to be found around the car park to accommodate for all styles and tastes. 

The People's Choice

A stunning Turkis Green '63 Beetle collected the most votes in our people's choice award, and owner Matthew Enticknap was overjoyed to be presented with his trophy by Steph. A great choice... We'd be more than happy to have this parked on the driveway. 

Variety Show

You turn a corner and don't know what you're going to find next, Porsches parked next to Golf GTIs, Type 3s next to coach built Type 25s, and stood next to many of them were plenty of smiling, happy people, all enjoying the evening. Perfect! 


Our Heretics meets are attracting more Stuttgart metal as the months go by, and there was a fine turn out at The Motorist representing the Porsche brand. It's really quite remarkable how many owners either still have VWs or have moved on from Volkswagens to a Porsche of some description. 


You know that party you never want to end... Putting this blog coverage was a bit like that. So many great cars and stories to be shared, but here are our final selection. Hopefully, we managed to capture a shot of yours if you came down, or perhaps one of these photos will inspire your next winter project?!

We can only finish by echoing the entire sentiment of this blog, which is thanks. Thanks to everyone who came and said hello and made us feel so welcome. We had a great time, and we look forward to coming back to Yorkshire to see you again soon. 

Team Heritage

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