Firechief 400ml Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher


Firechief 400ml Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher

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The Firechief FLE400 is the first fire extinguisher designed for tackling lithium ion battery fires which can occur almost anywhere. We all carry some kind of technology with us in this day and age. This extinguisher is designed specifically for use on these items, such as mobile phones, laptops, toys, power tools and any other item containing a lithium ion battery.

There are many factors which can cause a mobile phone or similar to catch fire such as over charging, Lithium battery fires can exceed temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius which is 3 times hotter than an oven. This extinguisher can:

- Extinguish uncontrollable flames

- Quickly cool the excessive heat

- Prevent re ignition

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