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Engine, SSP All New 1641 SP2 (No Exchange needed)


Engine, SSP All New 1641 SP2 (No Exchange needed)

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Our 100% brand new SSP 1641cc ''SP2'' twin-port AD-code performance engine with performance camshaft and big-valve heads.

Designed to fill the gap between our standard 1641 and the 1776 engine, the 1641 SP2 is built with the very best parts to ensure it will run & run and is a solid mid-range engine at a fantastic price!

Packed with top spec components; Empi's latest GTV-2 40 x 35.5mm big valved heads, an aluminium crankcase, a forged counter-weighted crankshaft, a fully balanced bottom end, a Schadek high flowing oil pump, Engle's unparalleled  110 camshaft, CB Performance's forged rockers on bolt up shafts with swivel feet adjusters, steel push rods plus SCAT stainless steel rocker covers. All the top parts you would expect to find in an engine of this calibre!

Our engines are painstakingly assembled in the UK from 100% new components on an IATF 16949 / ISO 9002 certified assembly line. They  are spun over for half an hour at 2000rpm for added peace of mind. Oil pressure, cylinder compression and oil leaks are all checked for before dispatch.

We feel that only by using 100% new OE quality components complete reliability is ensured. Re-using old parts with a dubious history have no place in an SSP engine.

Suitable for unleaded fuel. Gasket kit, new oil cooler and a lightened flywheel are also included.

1 year warranty included in the UK and Mainland Europe and supplied on an outright basis - no exchange required. Terms and conditions apply.

T2 owners please note: The nature of this engine (small size / Engle 110 cam / big heads / lightened flywheel) mean this engine is a relatively 'revvy' unit that is best suited to lighter vehicles and not too-tall gearing. It therefore may not be too ideally suited to the ''lazy'' style of driving many T2 owners prefer, particularly Bay's which are heavier and have taller gearing.

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Product Attributes
Fitting InfoPlease consult our sales team or your installer for carbs, cooling and other ancillaries required to install in your vehicle. Please note: The distributor drive is not supplied, you will need to transfer distributor drive shaft and shims from old engine. For T2 76-> you will need to purchase a new late 200mm clutch and change the two lower mounting studs as these are supplied with a 200mm flywheel (the 215mm is no longer available). Type 3 cool tins fitted which may require modification\/clearancing depending on application. Not for use in T25 models as replacement for CT code engine
Weight (kg)74.13
QualityTop Quality
Unit of saleEach

Fits Vehicles

Product Vehicle Years
Beetle1950 - 1979
Karmann Ghia1960 - 1974
Beetle Cabrio1950 - 1979
Type 31962 - 1973
Trekker1969 - 1976

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