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  1. Double Sided Adhesive Tape for Door Card Film
    Genuine VW

    Double Sided Adhesive Tape for Door Card Film


    Product Vehicle Years
    Karmann Ghia 1955 - 1974
    Buggy/Baja 1947 - 1954, 1956 - 1979
    Beetle Cabrio 1949 - 1979
    Splitscreen 1950 - 1967
    Beetle 1947 - 1979
    Brazil Kombi 1997 - 2014
    Type 3 1961 - 1973
    T25/T3 1980 - 1991
    T2 Bay 1968 - 1979
    Golf Mk3 1992 - 1998
    Golf Mk1 1975 - 1984
    Golf Mk2 1984 - 1992
    Golf Mk1 Cabriolet 1979 - 1992
    Golf Mk3 Cabrio 1994 - 2002
    Golf Mk4 1998 - 2004
    Caddy Mk1 1983 - 1992
    Corrado 1989 - 1995
    Scirocco 1974 - 1992
    T4 1991 - 2003
    T5 2003 - 2015
    930 1975 - 1989
    928 1978 - 1995
    924 1976 - 1988
    914 1970 - 1976
    993 1994 - 1998
    912 1965 - 1969
    911 1965 - 1989
    964 1989 - 1994
    356 1950 - 1965
    944 1982 - 1991
    996 1998 - 2005
    968 1992 - 1995
    986 Boxster 1997 - 2004
    987C Cayman 2006 - 2012
    987 Boxster 2005 - 2012
    997 2005 - 2012
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Showing Items 1-36 of 476

Set Descending Direction

Buy your Beetle Cabriolet interior parts here

At Heritage Parts Centre we stock a huge selection of Convertible Beetle interior parts, from trim clips to complete Beetle Cabriolet carpet sets, soft top interior door panel sets and Karmann Beetle seat covers by TMI.

Whether you are looking to restore your vintage Karmann Cabriolet Beetle interior to factory specs, or want to customise your Cabrio Beetle interior, we have everything you could want right here. To browse our full range of classic Beetle Convertible interior parts, follow the links below.

VW Beetle Cabriolet seats, door panels and Convertible Beetle headliners

We are proud to stock the excellent TMI range of Convertible Beetle door panel sets and Cabriolet Beetle headliners. Made in the USA, these high quality, factory-style interior trim parts are available to suit most models and colour schemes, and will soon have your classic Beetle convertible looking like new again. Maybe you just need a set of Convertible Beetle interior door panel clips? No problem, we have those, too.

We also stock TMI replacement Convertible Beetle seat covers and Beetle Cabriolet seat padding sets to rejuvenate tired original seat bases, as well as replacement soft top Beetle seat frame parts and Beetle Cabrio sport seats should you wish to raise the comfort level higher still.

VW Beetle Convertible carpets and foot mats

To complete the Karmann Convertible Beetle interior package, Heritage has teamed up with British carpet manufacturer, Newton Commercial, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of highest quality VW Beetle Cabriolet carpet sets, foot mats, VW Beetle Convertible under-bonnet liners and wiring covers.

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet sound deadening kits

The last step in improving your classic Beetle Convertible interior is sound deadening. After much research, we have chosen to stock STP sound deadening products. If you’re used to driving a classic Beetle Convertible with just carpets, try some STP soundproofing beneath them and you will be amazed at the difference. Road noise is drastically reduced, squeaks and rattles disappear and your VW Beetle soft top will feel warmer, quieter and more comfortable.

Being self-adhesive, STP Beetle Cabriolet sound deadening sheets are simple to fit yourself at home and will transform your Beetle Convertible interior. Believe us when we say fitting STP Convertible Beetle sound deadening is one of the best ways to upgrade your Cabriolet interior.

VW Beetle Cabrio interior parts

If it’s VW Beetle Cabrio interior accessories you are looking for, we have everything you could want right here. From VW Beetle door lock pulls, winders and classic Beetle Convertible gear knobs, through toOE-style Beetle interior grab straps and Karmann Cabriolet steering wheels. We carry a wide range of Beetle Cabriolet mirrors, gearshifters and storage solutions like Beetle Convertible parcel shelves and moulded Beetle Cabriolet speaker pods.

If you have queries about our VW Cabriolet Beetle interior parts, or can’t find the parts you require, click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.