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VW Trekker Motoröle & Flüssigkeiten

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Oils and fluids for your classic VW Trekker

We here at Heritage Parts Centre take the maintenance and upkeep of our classic Volkswagen Trekker seriously, and know that keeping the oil topped up with the correct amount of classic VW 181 oil is vital to longevity and good running of air-cooled engines.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just air that keeps a classic Volkswagen Trekker engine cool, but the oil flowing around it too, and regularly changing your Thing engine oil in is key to making it last. So to go with our comprehensive range of VW Trekker parts and classic air-cooled Trekker spares we offer a range of classic Trekker oils specifically designed for air-cooled VW 181 engines from respected specialists such as Morris, Castrol and Quantum. Use any of these in your classic Volkswagen 181 and it will help keep your Trekker engine in tip top shape.

We also stock VW Trekker gearbox oil, 181 steering box oil, automatic transmission oil and steering rack lube, all carefully chosen by our in-house specialists to ensure your classic VW Thing is kept in the best possible condition at all times.

Finally, a can of VW brake cleaner should be in every workshop to help clean parts during disassembly and we even keep stock of absorbent granules for soaking up any leaks or spills that might occur in the garage or workshop.