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VW Bug Steering Parts

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  • Bug Steering Wheel Bug Steering Wheel
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  • Bug Tie Rods & Ends Bug Tie Rods & Ends

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  1. Steering Box  fits Beetle,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio,Type 3,Buggy/Baja,Thing

    Steering Box


    Product Vehicle Years
    Karmann Ghia1961-1974
    Beetle Cabrio1961-1970
    Type 31961-1974
    Was $236.95 $236.95 Now $212.62 $212.62
    Only 4 Available
  2. Tie Rod End Kit  fits Beetle,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio
    Heritage Kits Logo

    Tie Rod End Kit


    Product Vehicle Years
    Karmann Ghia1960-1968
    Beetle Cabrio1960-1968
    $64.50 $64.50
    In Stock
  3. Steering tie rod end rubber boot  fits Beetle,T2 Bus,Split Bus,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio,Type 3

    Steering tie rod end rubber boot

    113-415-835/ /

    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 Bus1968-1979
    Split Bus1950-1967
    Karmann Ghia1960-1974
    Beetle Cabrio1960-1979
    Type 31962-1973
    Was $5.95 $5.95 Now $5.32 $5.32
    In Stock
  4. Tie Rod End Kit  fits Beetle,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio
    Heritage Kits Logo

    Tie Rod End Kit


    Product Vehicle Years
    Karmann Ghia1968-1974
    Beetle Cabrio1968-1970
    $62.95 $62.95
    Out of stock – no due date.
  5. Dust cap ring smallest tie  fits Beetle,T2 Bus,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio,Type 3,Buggy/Baja,Brazil Kombi

    Dust cap ring smallest tie


    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 Bus1968-1979
    Karmann Ghia1956-1974
    Beetle Cabrio1950-1979
    Type 31961-1974
    Buggy/Baja1950-1954, 1956-1979
    Brazil Kombi1997-2014
    Was $4.25 $4.25 Now $3.74 $3.74
    In Stock
  6. Tie Rod Bare LHD Short  fits Beetle,Karmann Ghia,Beetle Cabrio,Beetle USA

    Tie Rod Bare LHD Short


    Product Vehicle Years
    Karmann Ghia1961-1965
    Beetle Cabrio1961-1965
    Beetle USA1961-1965
    $21.50 $21.50
    In Stock

Showing Items 1-36 of 249

Set Descending Direction

VW Bug Steering

Buy your VW Bug steering parts here!

The Volkswagen Bug steering system is well known for being hard wearing and long lasting but, like most things, Bug steering parts can still wear out over time with high mileage and a lack of maintenance. VW Heritage stock a truly extensive range of VW Bug steering assembly parts, including replacement Bug steering boxes, tie rods and tie rod ends, complete Bug tie rod kits, Bug steering dampers and all the other small mechanical parts that go together to make up the air cooled Bug steering system.

We also offer a huge selection of VW Bug steering wheels, from well respected companies including Nardi, Grant, Mountney, Momo and Flat 4, as well as excellent quality reproductions of most of the original style VW Bug steering wheels.

To browse or buy the parts you need just follow the links above, or read on for further information on our classic VW Bug steering components range.

VW Bug steering wheels

Some say it’s the most important part of a car as it’s the bit you sit looking at and hold onto at all times. There’s no doubt the Volkswagen Bug steering wheel is important, and the stock Bug steering wheels are a classic bit of VW design in their own right. Acknowledging this, VW Heritage offer a wide range of classic Bug steering wheels to suit all tastes. For restorations, we offer the superb OE-style Flat 4 steering wheels, in different colours and with the classic Bug ‘D’-shaped horn ring and Wolfsburg crest. We also stock top quality reproductions of the classic VW Bug EMPI GT steering wheel and Speedwell wood rim steering wheel, along with a range of VW Banjo steering wheels and delightful VW Bug horn pushes – both popular accessories in the 1950s, and widely used on coachbuilt VWs.

For owners wanting a different look, we stock a large number of Grant VW steering wheels and Mountney Bug steering wheels, ranging from classic VW wood rim steering wheels to metal flake and chain link steering wheels, in sizes from 10-15 inch diameter, plus a comprehensive range of Bug aftermarket steering wheel fitting kits and accessories.

VW Bug steering assembly

In addition to the Volkswagen Bug steering wheels themselves, we also supply a huge range of steering system components that fit across all Bug models. For standard late model Bugs we stock the complete air cooled Bug steering column, as well as horn contact rings, clamps, bolts, bushes, bearings, Bug steering couplers and indicator cancelling rings. We also hold a full range of VW Bug tie rod assembly components, including all the different Volkswagen Bug tie rods (there are a surprising number of variations!), Bug steering dampers and the classic air-cooled Bug steering box, along with all necessary flanges, couplings and clamps. We also supply a full range of steering assembly parts for both 1302 Bug and 1303 Bug models, including the pre-1974 1302 and 1303 Bug steering box and the 1974-on 1303 Bug steering rack.

Buy with confidence from the leading suppliers of VW Performance Parts, Bug Restoration Parts, VW Body Parts, Volkswagen Genuine Parts, VW UK Parts and VW Spare Parts UK. Detailed Product Descriptions, Expert Advice, Express Delivery, 365 day returns. Heritage Parts Centre - Aircooled VW Parts Specialists since 1986.

VW Beetle History

History of the VW Beetle

The vinyl “rag-top” sunroof was now dropped on 1963 export models, and replaced with a steel sliding roof, however the rag-top was still available on standard models. A new number plate light was added, the front indicators were also increased in size. Inside, VW dropped the horn-ring from the steering wheel, and thumb buttons were now employed for the task. By this time VW had becomes Germany’s biggest company, taking 42.4% of domestic market car sales, and producing over a million cars in 1963, with daily production off the now automated production line reaching 5,229. A total of 685,769 cars had been exported making VW the worlds largest vehicle exporter.

1964 was another landmark year in terms of exterior changes. The front windscreen grew another 28mm upwards, the rear screen was 20mm higher and 10mm wider. This time round the side windows grew too, with thinner A,B and C pillars this allowed the side glass to expand in all directions. The divider bar between the ¼ light and the main drop glass was slanted now, as opposed to vertical, and the window lifter mechanism was changed to a cable operation.

The engine deck-lid lock is now a self locking latch, as opposed to the previous T-handle. Heater controls are simplified with two levers by the handbrake, one for hot/cold and one for air distribution. Volkswagen invested 154.4 DM in the new Emden plant, and expanded their Port Elizabeth plant. Finally the law suit between the Sparkarte holders and VW drew to a climax, with the decision falling in the favour of the savers, each of the 89,000 savers were given a choice of a 600DM discount of a new VW1200, or a 100DM cash payment, as a result 18,000 cars were delivered, and 41,000 compensation payouts were made.

VW also charted 68 specially designed ships to ship 470,000 Beetles to various export markets, with the majority heading to the US. In 1964 VW brought a 50% holding in the Auto Union Motor company, including it’s new manufacturing plant in Ingolstadt, 18 months later they would buy complete control.

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