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Welcome to Heritage Parts Center

A specialist VW and Porsche car parts supplier, delivering quality to enthusiasts worldwide. Run by an expert team of enthusiasts for over 35 years, we are dedicated to supplying the parts you need for the cars and campers that you are passionate about.

From the very start of our business, the products we have stocked and sold have been led by our customers, who we are proud to say, are our friends. It began with obsolete genuine VW parts for Karmann Ghia, then grew to VW Beetle parts and later restoration and mechanical components for Campervans.  

Watercooled VW parts, specifically Vanagon, Eurovan and Rabbit Mk1 and Mk2 Golf parts were added to our range around 2008 securing our position as one of the largest independent classic Volkswagen parts suppliers on the planet.

Today we list over 25,000 parts for more than 30 different Volkswagen models and at least 15 different classic and modern Porsche models.

Coming at our business from the perspective of an enthusiast has served us well. We choose to sell parts that we would use ourselves, and customers value our detail and honesty when it comes to the descriptions and product photographs we provide. 

Manufacturing is one of the ways we are able to channel the expertize and enthusiasm of our team. We know what breaks, we know what parts aren't good enough and we take this knowledge and link it into our network of established international production partners in order to bring exciting and useful products to the market. From small specialist suppliers who only produce one or two parts, through to OE Quality manufacturers like MEYLE who supply a vast range of products for every vehicle in our catalog.

When you do something well, word travels, and in the last year, we have shipped parts to enthusiasts in 134 different countries. We regularly ship parts to customers in Australia quicker than a native supplier can deliver it internally, coast to coast.

The future for Heritage Parts Center is bright... We are committed to making our service even more accessible to our friends all over the world. Regardless of the numerous languages spoken by members of our team, we are fluent in specialist car parts for VW and Porsche vehicles.

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Our Heritage

The people we love, the things we own, the places we live and the vehicles we drive...They all have it.

We're talking about Heritage, and it's no coincidence that our company name is so entwined with what has been before. It has shaped what we produce and is so influential with what we will become in the future.

Just like the genetic similarities you share with siblings, parents and ancestors; Heritage is all about where the story starts. That story might begin with purchasing your first car, or simply ordering your first part with Heritage.

Our fascination to drive older vehicles, to add personality to our family camper vans, to engage with others who are equally as enthused with the scene we love all stems from past experience.

We draw upon past experience every day to bring an up to date Heritage Parts Center offering. True to the roots of the company founded back in 1986, but dynamic and evolving with modern technology and awareness of a far wider customer base than anyone could ever have imagined.

We are more than just parts specialists, enthusiasts, box packers or sales people.

We are a company that has respectfully evolved, but never forgotten where we came from. If Heritage is important to you, you are important to us.