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Porsche 944 Parts & Accessories

Shop from our huge range of Porsche 944 parts, spares, and accessories all ready for shipping across the US. Choose the category below and filter down to the part, brand, or quality you need. Try our Heritage kits, handy project bundles for everything you need in one box. Don’t forget to check the new products for your 944 and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section.

Porsche 944 Parts & Accessories

If you are searching for top quality Porsche 944 parts then Heritage Parts Centre can help. Owners of 944 models are often unfairly overlooked, and whilst the 944 may be a slightly slower car in comparison to its big brother the 911, it is still a Porsche, and plays an important role in the history of the Stuttgart brand. We have a wide range of parts online for 2.5, 2.7, and 3.0 Porsche 944 models. You might drive a 944 cabriolet or be shopping for 944 Turbo parts; whatever your Porsche, we look forward to helping you with the parts that you need.

944 Parts Online

You could be completing a routine service at the weekend and need Porsche 944 engine parts, or maybe you have welding jobs on your S2 and are looking for 944 body repair panels. The Heritage Parts Centre online shop is the place to look for Porsche 944 parts.

Order Online - Shipped Directly to You or Your Auto Repair Shop

Need to send some Porsche 944 parts direct to your garage? Not a problem, we can deliver to your chosen Porsche specialist, or auto shop. They can even order from us themselves if they prefer. You may have a great relationship with your mechanic but want to source parts for yourself so we are able to ship to any location you wish. 

944 Accessories

As well as major engine and body parts we also stock a wide range of accessories for all versions of the 944 Porsche. We have cosmetic items like shift knobs, filler camps and interior items as well as steering wheels and so much more. We know some people like to keep their 944 totally stock while others like to add something a little more custom and we have it all covered. 

Having spent the past 30 years specialising in classic Volkswagen vehicles we’ve been naturally drawn towards Stuttgart’s favourite brand to offer our services, albeit with Porsche 944 parts to a new group of enthusiasts. The front engined Porsche is a firm favourite amongst the team at Heritage Parts Centre, and our enthusiasm for supplying parts for transaxle Porsche models is second to none. With an almost perfect weight balance, and an ergonomic driving position that makes you feel at one with the vehicle, it’s almost impossible to not enjoy the experience.

US Shipping

We are able to ship any of our 944 parts and accessories right across America. Simply order online and our dedicated team will have your items packed and dispatched immediately. We provide Porsche parts to owners across the US, Europe, and Australia and we are very proud of the 1000s of satisfied customers we have each week.