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VW Bug Parts & Accessories

Shop from our huge range of VW Bug parts, spares and accessories. We have 30 years of experience in supplying VW Bug parts to owners all over the world. Try our Heritage kits these handy project bundles have everything you need in one box and are specifically designed for Bug owners. Don’t forget to check the new products for your classic bug and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section too.

Your One Stop Shop for CLassic VW Bug or Beetle Parts and Accessories

Whether you call it a VW Beetle or a Bug we are the go-to place for spare parts and accessories for US customers.  We stock literally thousands of VW Beetle parts, ranging from the smallest service components to complete body panels and engines. In fact we are one of the largest suppliers of VW Beetle spare parts in Europe and growing rapidly in the US. We sell a huge range of VW Bug and Beetle spares and accessories to owners all over the world. So, whether you are simply repairing your car, or undertaking a full restoration, you’re in the right place!

Aftermarket and Custom VW Bug Parts

As well as lots of OEM and standard parts for classic bugs we stock a range of aftermarket and custom parts too. For a lot of people, it's all about keeping their VW stock but others want to customise them and bring a little something unique to the look, feel, and performance. 

VW Bug Accessories

While we stock 1000s of spare parts for classic Beetles we also supply owners across the world with accessories. It's not always just about replacing a part, for those doing a full restoration or trying to create something custom accessories are what make all the difference. Whether you are looking for an SSP Mahogany steering wheel or something altogether more race orientated we have got it covered. We have interior accessories from mats and bonnet liners to coloured carpets and even aluminum door panels specifically for the classic Beetle. We also stock a wide range of wheels too! Whatever Beetle accessories you need, we have plenty to choose from.

Quality VW Bug Spare Parts and Custom Parts

We have built our reputation on supplying genuine VW Bug parts and the finest reproductions available, and we are constantly sourcing new products to add to our incredible range. To find the VW Beetle spare parts you require, simply select the appropriate area of the car from the categories above. Our online store includes hundreds of exploded diagrams and photographs to help you identify which parts for VW Beetle you need…And remember, if you have a query about any of the Volkswagen Beetle parts we stock – or if you can’t find the part you require – You can E mail us at or fill out the form on our Contact Page

1302/1303 "Super Beetle" Parts

Certain parts of 1302 and 1303 ‘Super Beetles’ are model specific and will be listed as ‘1302/1303 only’. Where no separate 1302/1303 parts are shown, the standard VW Beetle parts and accessories are usually correct.


Are VW Bug parts expensive?

One of the most frequently asked questions for classic car enthusiasts considering a VW Bug project, is how much are VW Beetle parts? The good news is, as a well-established classic Volkswagen specialist selling VW Bug parts, we are perfectly placed to offer an answer.

The VW Beetle was produced in huge numbers between 1938 and 1979 in Germany, and continued to be manufactured in Mexico until 2003, and this means parts are in plentiful supply. With quantity generally comes a favorable price, and so to help your project buying decision you’ll be pleased to hear VW Beetle parts are relatively cheap.

Which VW Bugs are difficult to find parts for?

Some VW Beetles are more difficult to find parts for than others. Typically, older cars are harder to source genuine VW Bug parts for. If you are working on a fifties Split or Oval window Beetle it will be considerably more expensive and trickier to buy parts for than if you own a sixties or seventies vehicle, which is better supported by aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers.

Owners of vintage Volkswagens will often source the hard-to-find Bug parts at VW shows and swap meets, either as good used items or New Old Stock items which were made in the period and are still brand new. We are able to supply many NOS VW parts thanks to our partnership with VW Classic Parts.

What parts fit on all years VW Bugs?

The VW Bug is modular in the sense that many parts from earlier years will bolt onto the later vehicles. Backdating is the art of making something newer appear older than it is, and in the case of the VW Beetle an owner can make their late 90’s Mexican-built Beetle look like a sixties car just by switching the body panels over. We have covered this in more detail on our blog here

With regards to actual parts that remained on the VW Bug from day 1 until the end of production. We believe the only part would be the engine line seal channel, and even that is shaped to fit each version of the Beetle in a different way. Except for the Super Beetle models, the engineering principles of the Beetle remained very similar from 1938 through to 2003.

What are the structural parts of the VW Bug?

The VW Beetle is designed with a separate chassis and body, so the two can be unbolted and removed from each other for restoration work, or to fit an alternative body such as a Beach Buggy. On the Beetle chassis, there are several key structural components that are integral to the safety and operation of the vehicle. There is a central spine that connects the gearbox mounts to the front frame head, where the axle attaches. On either side of this spine is a floor pan half. It is upon these that the seats are mounted, so they must be solid. To the front of the floor pan is a chassis support section sometimes referred to as ‘Napoleon’s Hat’ because of its shape. To the rear of the floor pans are rear cross-members, one on each side of the spine.

The body is mounted to the chassis with bolts fastened by captive nuts in the cross members and through bolts and chassis washers which are tightened upwards through the edge of the floor pan halves and into the underside of the heater channels. The heater channels are a key structural part of the bodyshell, as they form the lower part of the door aperture. Rust is commonplace here and must be dealt with correctly, including the bracing of the door openings and shell before heater channels can be cut out and replaced. Front and rear inner wheel arches are another common rust trap, as is the spare wheel well and both front and rear valance panels.

VW Beetle History

History of the VW Beetle

The idea of the Beetle had been conceived in 1931, when Ferdinand Porsche and Zundapp developed the Porsche Type 12, or “Auto fur Jedermann” (translated as “Car for Everyone”). Porsche had already developed the flat 4 cylinder air cooled motor, and Zundapp was developing a Radial 5 cylinder water-cooled power plant. Porsche had chosen to use a “swing-axle” type rear suspension, previously invented by Edward Rumpler.

By 1932, three prototypes were running, and a fourth, the Porsche Type 32, built by the NSU motorcycle factory, joined the line-up in 1933.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler commissioned Porsche to develop a “Peoples Car” (literally a Volks Wagen), the car was to be able to seat 2 adults and 2 children, with room for their luggage, and be able to cruise at 100km/h (62mph). The term “Volks” had been applied to various Nazi party sponsored consumer products such as the Volksradio.

The Volkswagen name however wasn’t to become official until a few years down the line. The new car was initially tagged the Porsche Type 60, then christened the KdF-Wagen, KdF being the initials of the leisure arm of the Third Reich (Kraft durch Freude or Strength through Joy).Read more >>>