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Marcel Manthey: VolksCab Club

Marcel Manthey: VolksCab Club

Marcel Manthey: VolksCab Club

In a new series, we have chosen to shine a spotlight on some of the many clubs in and around the VW and Porsche communities. We'll be dropping in with organisers from all over the globe to find out how their club started, what they focus on, and why they love it so much. Please welcome Marcel Manthey, the founder of the Golf1 Cabrio Club in Germany. 

5 years ago...

Marcel tells me "5 years ago I decided to set up a Golf1 Cabrio group that would only cover the Berlin and Brandenburg area. It's a casual club, without any appointed staff with specific duties. The main aim is that everyone can help each other and where people get stuck with something, there is a support network for them to turn to. Not all of our friends drive a modified car, everyone with a Golf 1 Convertible from Berlin and Brandenburg are welcome."

Today the club has over 90 members and communicates through a WhatsApp group, and because the members are all relatively local, help not only comes in the form of advice but often materialises into physical assistance in the garage too. 

What can club members expect?

Each month the club organises 1 or 2 trips out for members to get together, and attend a few events, then once a year they spend a few days away as a group. "We do a big Golf 1 Convertible tour through the Harz mountains, then stay the weekend together as a big family." Marcel tells me "then at the end of the season we do a big photoshoot 'the crowning glory' which we use to make our calendar for the following year."

The long game

Alongside the great photos from his friend Jörn-Gunnar Leifström, Marcel sells club life so well, I almost find myself buying a Rabbit Mk1 Cabriolet and driving to Berlin to experience it all firsthand. "We are a relaxed fun group, with a real mix of old and young. One thing that is really important to us is keeping these beautiful vehicles alive and passing our enthusiasm along to the next generation."

About Marcel

Unlike some older VW enthusiasts, perhaps Marcel, who works as a chef, is in the minority when it comes to the fact that he only owns one Golf 1 Cabriolet. I wonder if he has his sights set on a rare special edition, but he explains "I don't have a dream car, I'll just keep building this one until I get it perfect for me." 

"We owe a lot of thanks to the internet for the success of the club and our hobby" he continues "Some time ago someone from the U.S.A asked me for help he needed a fuel pump that is no longer available in the States, of course, I found something for him on eBay classifieds and sent it to him. That was a super great thing and he was so happy about it because he wanted to rebuild a convertible as his father did back then. It was a great story and I just had to help!"

Where to find VolksCab?

Marcel spreads the club message far and wide, and providing you have access to the internet either the VolksCab website, Facebook page or Instagram would be the best place to start. 

It's not only static meet-ups that welcome enthusiasts of the first-generation Golf soft-top either. There are some wonderful images of these cars out on the road which should be more than enough to encourage owners to get in touch with Marcel and his friends and join their club. 

If you run a VW or Porsche club, anywhere in the world, we would love to hear more about it. 


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