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VW T4 Body Panels

VW T4 Body Panels for Restoration and Repairs 

Discover a wide selection of high-quality VW T4 body panels at Heritage Parts Centre. Whether you're tackling minor chassis repairs or embarking on a complete restoration project, our replacement panels are aimed at keeping as many VW T4s on the road as possible. 

From T4 bonnets to boot lids, tailgates, rear doors, wheel arches, and door skins for T4, there is plenty of metalwork available to repair rust and reconstruct these vehicles. 

T4 Front Wings and Rear Wheel Arches

Collecting mud and road dirt underneath them and a prime target for accident damage up top too, Volkswagen T4 rear wheel arches regularly need some attention during a rebuild or restoration project. We can supply inner and outer wheel arches, and larger rear wing repair panels to help make your van solid again. 

We’ve found through completing countless restorations, it’s always best to cut the rust out and start again with fresh metal. 

T4 front wings are available in a number of styles, early and late T4 short nose wings, the earlier version being welded on. And Long nose T4 wings, as found on the later vans, including the VR6 model. 

VW T4 Sills and chassis Repair Panels 

There is an inevitability to carrying out chassis repairs on aging vehicles, but this does ensure you have a strong foundation for your T4 project. Explore T4 jacking points, sills, outriggers and replacement load floors to guarantee structural integrity throughout your restoration process.

We can supply sills for T4 that fit under the cab doors, and this can also incorporate a repair to the doorstep as well.  There are also other sill repair panels which go under the middle panel, either on the ‘long side’ or as a sill under the sliding door for T4. 

Our team are always on hand should you need any advice on T4 chassis repair panels. Drop us an email  

Windscreen Scuttle Repair on VW T4

One of the most common places for rust to develop on the forth generation Transporter is under the front windscreen. This scuttle panel, or T4 lower windscreen repair has a habit of gathering wet leaves and never quite drying out, and this leads to rust taking hold, and working its way beneath the rubber seal for the screen itself. 

Catch it early enough and you should be able to clean it all up and make some localised repairs, but for more serious corrosion a full T4 scuttle repair panel is your only option. Fortunately we have just the thing!

Need T4 Body Panels Fast? 

We’ve been in business over 35 years and can offer Express delivery and same day dispatch in many cases. No need to wait weeks for your T4 panels to arrive. If our website says we have it, we have it, and it’s ready to ship. 

Live locally? Why not Click & Collect and get the parts within a few hours. 

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