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  1. Vintage Speed Engine Lid Extension
    Vintage Speed

    Vintage Speed Engine Lid Extension


    Product Vehicle Years
    Beetle Cabrio 1950 - 1964
    Beetle Brazil/Fusca 1953 - 1964
    Beetle USA 1950 - 1964
    Beetle 1950 - 1964
    Beetle Australia 1954 - 1964
    Beetle Mexico 1954 - 1964
    Available soon, date to be confirmed
  2. Lock washer / clip, 5mm, various uses
    Genuine VW

    Lock washer / clip, 5mm, various uses


    Product Vehicle Years
    Beetle Cabrio 1949 - 1966
    Beetle 1947 - 1966
    Baywindow 1968 - 1979
    Vanagon 1980 - 1992
    Caddy Mk1 1983 - 1992
    Golf Mk2 1984 - 1992
    Polo Mk3 6N 1995 - 2000
    Jetta 1984 - 1985
    Golf Mk3 Cabrio 1994 - 1998
    Golf Mk3 1992 - 1998
    Only 1 Available
  3. Mud Flap Brackets
    Buttys Bits

    Mud Flap Brackets


    Product Vehicle Years
    Beetle Australia 1957 - 1967
    Beetle 1957 - 1973
    Beetle Cabrio 1957 - 1967
    Beetle USA 1957 - 1966
    Only 4 Available

Showing Items 1-36 of 5551

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Buy Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Parts Here!

We here at Heritage Parts centre are specialists in Volkswagen Karmann Cabriolet parts and accessories – it’s where the whole business started from – and are one of the largest suppliers of genuine VW Beetle Convertible spares in Europe.

If we cannot source genuine VW Karmann Cabriolet parts, we stock the finest reproduction Convertible Beetle parts available, and are constantly sourcing new Beetle soft top products and Cabrio Beetle accessories to add to our range.

We have thousands of Beetle Cabriolet spares in stock, ranging from VW Beetle Cabriolet body panels, engines and replacement soft top Beetle hoods to small service components specifically for VW Beetle convertibles.

Beetle Cabriolet Accessories

Our extensive range of Beetle Cabriolet accessories means all the Convertible Beetle parts you require are in one place, with a knowledgeable sales staff on hand ready to help. To find the Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet parts or accessories you are looking for, select the appropriate area of the car from the categories below then follow the links. We have hundreds of exploded diagrams of VW Beetle Convertible parts and photographs to help identify the components you need. So, whether you are doing a small repair on your Beetle soft top, or undertaking a full restoration on a Karmann Cabriolet, you’re in the right place!

1302 / 1303 Karmann Cabriolet Specific Parts

Certain parts on 1302 Karmann Cabriolet and 1303 Karmann Convertible Beetles are specific to those models, and are listed under separate sub-sections, or with a model-specific note in the description. Where no separate 1302 / 1303 Cabriolet parts are shown, standard Volkswagen Beetle parts and VW Beetle accessories are usually correct.

If you have any questions about which parts fit your Cabrio Beetle, click on the live chat button or call our expert sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.