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VW Beetle Interior

Buy your Beetle interior parts here
All of us here at VW Heritage know how important it is for so many classic air cooled Beetle owners to personalise their Volkswagen Beetles so we stock a huge selection of VW Beetle interior parts for all models, ranging from the smallest trim clips to complete Beetle interior door panel sets and TMI seat covers, carpet sets and even a range of high quality soundproofing materials to make your classic Beetle a more comfortable place to spend time. Our range of VW Beetle interior parts is every bit as extensive as our stock of Volkswagen Beetle mechanical parts, except the majority of it van be fitted without lying on your back and getting covered in grease and dirt! To browse our full range of interior parts, simply follow the links below.

VW Beetle seats, door panels and headliners
The majority of our classic VW Beetle interior trim is produced in the USA by TMI. These high quality Beetle door panel sets come in various styles and colours and with the correct patterns for the year and model (we even have VW Beetle aluminium door panels if you’re feeling a bit more racy!). Buy a new set of Beetle interior door panel clips and bungs and you can have your VW Beetle interior looking like new again in an afternoon. And don’t forget the protective membrane that goes behind the door cards and will keep them looking good for years to come.

Fitting a set of TMI replacement Beetle seat covers may take a little longer, but they are no less rewarding when you do, especially if you use a set of replacement Beetle seat pads – available in either original style coconut fibre or high density foam – underneath to put the comfort back into you tired Volkswagen Beetle seats. Replacement Beetle headliners are also available to suit all years, both vinyl and cloth and including sliding and folding sunroof models, along with the clips, bungs and rods required for fitting (sold separately). We also have an extensive selection of VW Beetle sunroof restoration parts to ensure that glorious ragtop works just as Volkswagen intended.

VW Beetle carpets, soundproofing and foot mats
If you’ve gone to all the trouble of replacing the rest of your Beetle interior trim, it wouldn’t do to leave worn out carpets beneath your feet would it? So VW Heritage has teamed up with leading British carpet manufacturer, Newton Commercial, to offer an unrivalled range of high quality fitted VW Beetle carpet sets for all makes and models of classic Volkswagen Beetle. Or should your car have come from the factory with VW Beetle rubber floor mats, we’ve got those covered too, as well as wiring covers and under-bonnet liners.

VW Beetle sound deadening
Before you fit any new VW Beetle interior parts, you should definitely consider installing some STP sound deadening. A few sheets of this strategically located and road noise will practically disappear, drumming, rattles and squeaks will be banished forever and engine noise turned into background music. VW soundproofing is the first step in making your VW Beetle more comfortable and enjoyable to drive, for both you and your passengers. Originally manufactured for military use, we’ve picked the best of this superb, self-adhesive VW sound deadening to offer to our customers. So, whether you are simply looking to reduce noise or to improve the acoustics around an in-car audio install, we have the vehicle sound proofing products for your VW. Because the STP sound deadening sheets are self-adhesive, fitting it is an easy DIY job, so there’s no need to pay for professional VW sound deadening installation charges. It might not be the most exciting step in transforming your VW Beetle interior, but take it from us, it’s one of the most worthwhile things you can do to upgrade your Volkswagen Beetle interior.

VW Beetle interior parts
We have all the accessories you can imagine – from lock pulls, Beetle window winders, mirrors, VW Beetle steering wheels and gear knobs to classic Beetle parcel trays and shelves, cruiser pedals, interior trims and the RetroSound range of modern performing but period looking stereo components. Our extensive range of Volkswagen Beetle interior furnishings are hand picked by us and made by some of the finest manufacturers so you are guaranteed quality, fit and timeless style.

Order with confidence from the leading suppliers of VW Beetle Car Mats, VW Beetle Seat Covers, Beetle Restoration parts, VW Windscreen Wipers, VW Body Parts, VW UK Parts and Volkswagen Genuine Parts. Heritage Parts Centre - Aircooled VW specialists since 1986. Detailed Product Descriptions, Express Delivery, 365 day returns. As always, if you have queries about what parts are suitable for your car, or have a question about any of the extensive range of VW Beetle interior parts or Volkswagen Beetle trim we stock, click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our knowledgeable sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours. Buy your Volkswagen Parts Online today!

VW Beetle History

History of the VW Beetle

1957’s big change was that of the windscreen sizes, the new front windscreen was 17% wider, and went higher up the roof, as a result the windscreen pillars were thinner, aiding visibility. The rear window also grew in size, gone was the Oval and a new larger rectangular screen was fitted (95% larger than the oval).

A new dashboard had been fitted, with more space between switches (to avoid confusion), the new dash had a much larger glove box (50% larger) and the roller wheel accelerator had now been changed to a floor mounted pedal. The decklid had been changed from a W to a semi-W to make it easier to mount a number plate to.
VW’s new model, the Karmann-Ghia was released in 1957 too, total output of vehicles in 1957 was 380,561, and daily production had hit 2141. In Australia, Melbourne Volkswagen Pty Ltd had been formed, and would begin assembling Beetles from CKD (Complete Knock Down) kits.

In 1958, Nordhoff, Porsche and all of the VW staff were awarded the Elmer A. Sperry prize, as part of the acceptance speech Nordhoff commented “I am for more attracted to the idea of offering people something of genuine value-a high-quality product with a low purchase price and an incomparable resale value, than to be continually pestered by a mob of hysterical stylists who try to sell people something they don’t want to buy at all.” No major changes to the car for 1958, only minor chassis and engine changes. Again, the 1959 car didn’t undergo any major changes, however the door handles changed from lever handles, to fixed handles with push buttons. Mechanically the whole engine/transmission was tilted forward by 2 degrees, this had the effect of lowering the swing axles pivot point by 15mm, resulting in a sharper handling car, and increased load capacity. By 1957 VW de Brazil’s new factory had been completed, and in 1959 the first completely Brazilian Beetle rolled off the Sao Paolo production line.

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