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VW Golf Mk1 Parts & Accessories

Shop from our huge range of VW Golf Mk1 parts and accessories. Choose the category below and filter down to the part, brand or quality you need. Try our Heritage kits, handy project bundles for everything you need in one box. Don’t forget to check the new products for your vehicle and there are always 100’s of parts in our sale section


We stock literally thousands of Golf Mk1 Parts, ranging from the smallest service components to complete body panels. In fact we are one of the largest suppliers of VW Golf Mk1 spares in Europe, selling VW Golf Mk1 accessories and spares to owners all over the world. So, whether you are simply repairing your car, or undertaking a full restoration, you’re in the right place!

Quality VW Golf Mk1 Accessories and Spare Parts

We have built our reputation on supplying only genuine parts for VW Golf Mk1 and the finest reproductions available, as well as a wide selection of the best aftermarket parts from the worlds leading manufacturers and we are constantly sourcing new products to add to our incredible range. To find the VW Golf Mk1 parts you require, simply select the appropriate area of the car from the categories above. Our online store includes hundreds of exploded diagrams and photographs to help you identify which parts for VW Golf Mk1 you need.

We offer the Best Prices on Top Quality products and all our parts are packed with care, sent with Fast Shipping.


Certain Mk1 Jetta parts are model specific and will be listed as ‘VW Jetta Mk1 only’. Where no separate parts for Mk1 Jetta are shown, the standard VW Golf Mk1 parts and accessories are usually correct.

VW Golf Mk1 FAQs

Are classic VW Golf Mk1s reliable?

The VW Golf was launched in 1974, making it almost 50 years old. Whilst the design and engineering differed greatly from the Beetle that it was brought in to replace, the technology under the bonnet was more similar than you may think. 

Much like its air-cooled predecessor, the front mounted water cooled engine relies upon a carburetor (in non GTI petrol models) to provide fuel to the combustion chamber. This is a basic weights and measures approach to fueling, and whilst perfectly serviceable, has components within in that are prone to failure. 

Blocked needle valves from dirt in the fuel lines and perished gaskets allowing air inside can cause the vehicle to stall at junctions, coupled with a lack of modern-day mechanics with an awareness of how to operate and service them correctly, can lead to reliability issues. 

The other big factor for potential reliability issues is the ignition system. Most Mk1 Golf models utilize contact breaker points and condenser to help distribute the spark to the correct cylinder. This basic system is prone to wear and often needs adjusting to ensure the spark happens at the right time. 

Should you opt for a Diesel model, don’t expect modern day refinement, but largely they will prove to be reliable for you and return a reasonable fuel economy. 

The GTI has gained legendary status amongst its peers and benefits from K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection, which when working correctly is great. As with carburettor tuning however, a lack of mechanical knowledge on maintaining and servicing this set up can lead to running problems and could eventually cause breakdowns. 

In short, the Mk1 Golf can be a reliable car, and many people still use these regularly and daily too. Just allow for it to have a few days off every now and again, especially on cold mornings! 

Read our Mk1 Golf buying guide here:

Are VW Mk1 Golfs expensive to maintain? 

If you are in the market for a Mk1 Golf you will be more than aware of their price premium, and how they have climbed from being a £500 car 15 years ago to commanding £25k plus for decent GTI example today. 

Once you have got your wallet around the hefty purchase price, maintaining said vehicle should be a doddle, and relatively pain free – proving you have bought a good one. 

Depending on what your plans are with the car will depend on exactly how much you should budget. If you favour an engine conversion, then allow for it to cost double to get something that will be reliable and not devalue the car. If you haven’t bought the car yet, try and buy one that has already been completed. If you are buying as an investment keep the engine as VW intended, it should reward you in the long run. 

If you wish to modify the vehicle, you maybe drawn towards the more expensive options, because of the vehicles value. KW suspension, stainless steel exhausts, BBS wheels etc. These will reward you during ownership and help to attract any future purchaser, should you wish to sell it in the future. 

As for servicing, well it still relies on 5 litres of oil, a filter or two and 4 spark plugs, just like most classic cars. These Golf Mk1 service parts can be bought as a kit to save a little extra money. It’s worth splashing out on a few items if you plan to keep the vehicle long term. A K&N air filter can be cleaned out and re-used, and stainless-steel brake hoses from Goodridge not only add to the pedal feel and improve stopping performance but are pretty much fit and forget with regards to corrosion. The metal brake pipes they attach to however, will still require cleaning and maintenance. 

In the UK at least, many Mk1 Golf models are now exempt from the annual MOT inspection, however we would still recommend getting an experience mechanic to check your vehicle regularly in case you have missed something that may compromise the safety of you and your car. 

Are Mk1 Golf parts expensive to buy? 

Run of the mill servicing and maintenance parts for the Mk1 Golf are relatively cheap and affordable to buy. Restoration parts and accident repair panels can become a bit more costly depending on their size and quality or whether they are genuine VW panels. New Old Stock (NOS) VW parts are items which were produced by the VW factory when the vehicle was new but have been kept in storage ever since. These are highly sought after by enthusiasts looking to complete concours level restorations and original quality repairs and command a premium if they ever make it to the open market. Quite often these are sold and swapped behind closed doors. We would recommend joining the Mk1 Golf Owners Club to become more involved within the community and privy to such private sales. 

Modifications can easily run away with you and quickly get expensive if you wish to buy the best. Stainless steel fully adjustable coilovers could easily cost you £1000 and if you like the idea of air-ride you will need to budget many times that for a quality installation. Wheels are a real passion of many retro VW owners and 3 piece split rim wheels like BBS RS001 and OZ Turbo wheels could cost thousands depending on condition. 

The good news is many Mk1 Golf parts are interchangeable between VW models of that era. So should you decide to change wheels, interior or exhaust for example you can easily find a buyer for your secondhand items to help free up the cash for the new parts you desire. 

Happy to keep your car standard? Fuel injection parts can be tricky and costly, and original Swallow tail and Series 1 parts are both hard to find and expensive too. Metal bumpers, body panels and interiors are often transplanted onto later vehicles increasing the demand. 

We’ve painted a worst-case scenario for you here. Overall, VW Golf Mk1 parts aren’t expensive and represent very good value for money, and you have come to the best place to buy them.