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  1. Rear Anti-Roll Bar Bracket Retaining Washer

    Rear Anti-Roll Bar Bracket Retaining Washer


    Product Vehicle Years
    Beetle 1947 - 1977
    Beetle USA 1949 - 1979
    Beetle Cabrio 1949 - 1979
    Beetle Australia 1954 - 1976
    Beetle Brazil/Fusca 1953 - 1985
    Beetle Mexico 1964 - 1999
    Trekker 1969 - 1982
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Buy your Trekker rear suspension parts here!

Heritage Parts Centre stock a wide range of parts for all types of Trekker Suspension, from gaskets and boots to shocks and anti-roll ‘z’ bars. To browse or buy the parts you need just follow the links below, or read on for further information on the different types of VW Thing suspension.

Types of VW Trekker Rear Suspension

There are two different kinds of rear suspension fitted to the Trekker: the ‘swing axle’ assembly, that uses rigid axles, and the ‘IRS’ type – fitted to later models. Below is a brief breakdown of the different types of Volkswagen Thing suspension:

Swing Axle

The swing axle assembly consists of a pair of rigid axles that pivot from the gearbox. If your axles only have rubber boots on the ends of the axles that join the gearbox (and not at the hub ends), then you have a swing axle model.

Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)

IRS is a more advanced type of Volkswagen Trekker suspension that features CV (constant velocity) joints both next to the gearbox and also at the hub end of the axles. These were only used on some later models. If your axles have rubber boots on both ends of axles (next to the gearbox and at the hubs), then you have an IRS model.

Of course Heritage Parts Centre stock an extensive range of parts for both types of VW Thing rear suspension, including axle and CV boots, hub seal kits and bump stops. Plus a great selection of performance parts, including adjustable spring plates and uprated shocks. And remember, if you have a query about your VW Beetle suspension – or if you can’t find the part you require – just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.