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Buy your VW Ghia exhaust components here!

Heritage Parts Centre is the one-stop-shop for VW Ghia exhausts, if you're looking for a complete new system or just a replacement tailpipe - you're in the right place...

Original Style Karmann Ghia Exhausts

The standard Ghia exhaust system is relatively simple. It consists of an exhaust manifold (the pipes that connect the silencer to the engine), the silencer itself, and the tailpipes. However, the exact design of the silencer and manifold changed slightly over the years, so it is important to check which type of VW exhaust system your car requires... FIRSTLY, check your engine size and whether it is single port or twin port version.

IMPORTANT: Please check your engine code before ordering - many Karmann Ghias do not have their original engines, so using your car's production year or log book as a guide is not advisable.

Aftermarket Ghia Exhausts

SSP offer a huge range of aftermarket VW exhaust systems to suit any style of VW - from buggies and trikes to cal lookers and street cars. However, there are a large number of variables to consider when ordering a non-standard VW exhaust, including: ground and bodywork clearance, size, style, noise rating and coatings.

In addition you will need to decide upon an appropriate 'header' - the pipework that connects your silencer to the inlet manifold. With so many options to consider we normally advise discussing your needs with the sales team before placing your order. You can email us, click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.