VW Golf Mk3 Cooling

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Mk3 Golf Radiator & Heater Parts

Heritage Parts Centre stock a wide range of replacement parts for your VW Golf Mk3 coolant and heating systems. Whether you're after a Mk3 Golf thermostat, a replacement radiator hose or a new Golf Mk3 heater matrix, you can be sure to find it on our website. Golf Mk3 radiators are available in a number of sizes, 430mm, 525mm and 630mm wide.

Feeding the coolant system with Mk3 Golf antifreeze is the Golf Mk3 expansion tank, which naturally we stock plenty of. These tend to discolour over time, and also develop hairline cracks too, so it’s a good idea to fit a new one. You might also find you require a new Mk3 Golf radiator cap, in the event that yours has been lost, or is leaking. As always, take care when opening the Golf Mk3 expansion tank cap, that the engine is cold, as the coolant will be under pressure if not.

Golf Mk3 Radiator Hoses

Heritage offer a full range of new Mk3 Golf coolant hoses in both OE rubber and also as Samco Golf Mk3 silicone hose kits for those searching for a higher performing product. It’s not just the rubber hoses that split and leak though, we stock the Mk3 Golf thermostat housing and a full complement of Golf Mk3 coolant flanges to ensure your antifreeze stays inside your engine at all times!

Along with the Golf Mk3 water hoses, we also provide the Mk3 Golf metal coolant pipe, which is prone to corrosion and leakage. There’s a couple of versions of this – ask if you’re not sure which one is suitable for your vehicle.

Mk3 Golf Heater Parts

Heritage Parts Centre have a huge range of VW Mk3 Golf heating parts for 1992-98 models. From the Golf Mk3 heater matrix through to connecting hoses, valves and even Mk3 Golf air-conditioning parts. You’ll also find a choice of Golf Mk3 pollen filter listed in this section of our website.

Need help with Golf Mk3 coolant and heater parts?

If you would like some help choosing the correct parts then we are here to help. Click onto Live Chat, give us a call +44 1273 444000 or drop us an email help@heritagepartscentre.com and one of our specialists will steer you in the right direction.

VW Mk3 Golf Parts Under One Roof

Whatever your project, Heritage Parts Centre stock a huge range of Golf parts to help you out. This section is dedicated to Volkswagen Mk3 Golf coolant systems. If you have any difficulty finding what you need, please call our knowledgeable sales team.