VW Type 25 Fuel & Induction

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  1. Grommet 28mm
    Genuine VW

    Grommet 28mm

    Product Vehicle Years
    Karmann Ghia 1956 - 1974
    Baywindow 1971 - 1979
    Vanagon 1980 - 1992
    Beetle Cabrio 1950 - 1979
    Beetle 1950 - 1979
    Golf Mk3 1992 - 1998
    Golf Mk4 1998 - 2006
    Golf Mk2 1988 - 1992
    Golf Mk1 Cabriolet 1979 - 1980
    Jetta 1980 - 1980, 1988 - 1992
    Golf Mk1 1975 - 1980
    Vento 1992 - 1998
    Scirocco 1974 - 1980
    Polo Mk3 6N 1995 - 2002
    In stock
  2. Rubber Radiator Mount

    Rubber Radiator Mount

    Product Vehicle Years
    Vanagon 1980 - 1985
    Golf Mk1 Cabriolet 1979 - 1992
    Golf Mk2 1984 - 1991
    Scirocco 1974 - 1989
    Golf Mk1 1975 - 1983
    Corrado 1989 - 1992
    Caddy Mk1 1983 - 1992
    In stock
  3. Bolt, Turbo to Manifold

    Bolt, Turbo to Manifold

    Product Vehicle Years
    Vanagon 1980 - 1992
    Vanagon 1980 - 1992
    Golf Mk1 1982 - 1983
    Golf Mk2 1984 - 1992
    Golf Mk3 1992 - 1994
    Polo Mk3 6N 1997 - 2000
    Jetta 1982 - 1992
    Vento 1992 - 1994
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Showing Items 1-36 of 203

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Type 25 Bus Carburettors and more…

If you are looking to repair your original style VW T25 carburettor or Type 25 fuel system we offer all the top quality parts for you to do so.
From 2000cc aircooled VW carburettor kits through to replacement waterboxer caburettors and even fuel injection parts, we also offer a full range of Type 25 fuel pumps and pipes for both petrol and diesel models.
Fitting a larger T3 carburettor provides your engine with more air and fuel, and can increase performance once correctly set up. Heritage list a number of Type 25 Carb kits suitable for the Type 4 engine models which will give extra power, and coupled with T25 carb linkage kit will transform the drive in your Transporter.

Volkswagen T25 Air Filters

Fitting the correct T3 Campervan air filter to your bus is essential, as it stops dirt and contaminates entering your engine, and potentially causing fatal damage to the internals. We offer both a standard replacement Type 25 air filter, but also a K&N version which offers better air flow, and can be serviced and re-used in the future. For twin T25 carburettors we stock a range of performance T25 air filters depending what you have fitted to your Bus.

VW T25 Fuel Tank and Type 25 fuel hoses

Heritage offer a complete range of parts for the Type 25 Camper fuel tank, including VW T3 fuel tanks, T25 fuel filters and breather assemblies.
Quite often a running problem can be traced back to a rusty, or contaminated fuel tank, letting dirt particles into the VW T3 fuel pipes, and in turn causing intermittent blockages, and causing hesitation when accelerating, or worse still the vehicle to cut out completely. Fitting a brand new Type 25 fuel tank is quite often the quickest and easiest way to solve this issue.

Old T25 fuel hoses cause fires

Sadly older Volkswagen vehicles, in particular campervans seem to attract fires, and not a summer goes by without a tragic photo being circulated on social media, of a bus ablaze.
Don’t let your bus be next. Ensure you are fitted with new Type 25 fuel pipes and T3 fuel hoses that are compatible with E10 fuel. Older pipework, including many originals, are not designed to be used with a modern fuel with such high Ethanol content, and as such they break down inside, causing splits, leaks, and sometimes fires.
Should you need any advice or assistance with any matter regarding T3 carburettors or the Type 25 fuel tanks and hoses click onto Live Chat, give us a call +44 (0) 1273 444000 or send us an email help@heritagepartscentre.com