Azim and Harry: Mates, Mk1s and Lego men

Azim and Harry: Mates, Mk1s and Lego men
We met up with these guys back in the summer; when the sun was out and it was classic cabriolet weather. Azim and Harry cruised down from London to allow us to chat and shoot their cars at the wonderful Hendall Manor Barns.

Banter from the beginning

The countryside was a big hit with our V-Dubbing duo; a real change from the urban backdrop they typically drive through. We shake hands and swap introductions and it was laughter from the get-go. Azim, an Estate Agent by trade should think about swapping property for punchlines, such was his wit! Harry, who funds his hobby working as a Finance Director is typically on the receiving end of Azim’s comedic aces but does well to return serve and often smashes a point back past his cheeky cabriolet-owning companion.

The daily driver 

It was Azim who answered our plea for cars to be photographed, not expecting to get enlisted. “This isn’t a show car, it’s my daily driver,” he told us. “I’ve got a 1983 Mk1 Golf tin top project which is my real passion, but while that’s off the road this one goes everywhere”. To try and strengthen his case for an afternoon with us he offered his friend with a Mk1 Rivage to come along too.

Harry’s Game 

“We call him baller,” says Azim, a joke Harry has clearly heard a hundred times. He brushes it off and I ask about the ride height of his Classic Blue Cabriolet decorated with ‘early style’ polished body trim. “Its running air” Harry explains “I’ve had it fitted about 8 years now”. It certainly looks the part dropped down over the beautifully finished BBS RS rims, complete with their 18k gold spike bolts and centre caps “these are probably my favourite part of the car” Harry tells me.

Bricking it...

Whilst I’m chatting with Harry, Azim starts rummaging in his bag. It’s not detailing spray he’s searching for though. He pulls out a Lego man so he can take the first of many signature photographs depicting the miniature man photographing cool cars. Check out his Instagram feed, it’s unreal!

Lego legend 

There isn’t just one Lego man either, oh no! Azim has loads, some with unique personalised shirts and accessories. “I’ve got a friend who prints me these things up, I have something for every occasion.” After clocking his stash we can see he’s not joking either.

Style and Practicality

Azim’s Mk1 by his own admission isn’t ‘as nice’ as Harry’s but it still holds its own. Rolling on Porsche D90 wheels and dropped on Mk1 Golf coilovers, the stance is the perfect mix of style and practicality allowing him to negotiate speed bumps when he’s out driving to meet clients for work.

Unusual Interior

Inside is a cloth interior I’m not familiar with, but it looks fantastic. Steering is taken care of by a 280mm Momo Team wheel. In Azim’s words “It’s a bit of a work out when it comes to parking, with no PAS fitted. Have you clocked the old skool MiniDisc player too?” he asks.

Personal Plate

His favourite part of the car though is the personalised number plate. Azim recalls the story for us. “I first saw the plate years ago on a Mk2 Golf, then I saw it again at a London Cartel showdown at Ace Café. I mentioned it to a friend, and he said ‘that’s my mate’s car’. I asked if his name was Azim as well and he said ‘nope, it’s Mike!’ So I got introduced to him, and a few chats later we met at a Services on the M1 to do the deal. In the end I got a plate with my name on it, and he got a brand new age related plate – so we are all happy!!”

The Others…

As hinted above both Azim and Harry have been using their Cabriolets while building other projects up. For Azim, it’s his 3dr Driver which we’ve had the pleasure of supplying many Mk1 Golf parts for. Harry, however, has got a couple more cars up his sleeve, including a 1978 Mk1 GTI, a Tornado Red Mk2 GTI 16v and an Oak Green Mk2 20VT which is being built up for a reliable 400bhp. His wife drives an R32 too… Maybe that’s why they call him ‘Baller’?! A big thanks to both Azim and Harry for leaving the city to come and see us for the afternoon. We can’t wait to meet back up to check out the other projects! Our thanks also to Hendall for the use of their beautiful Sussex wedding venue. Andy
3 years ago
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