Engine, SSP All New 1.6 AD Twin-Port (No Exchange needed) Magnesium Case: Beetle (1950-1979), T2 Bay (1968-1979), T2 Split Bus (1950-1967)


Engine, SSP All New 1.6 AD Twin-Port (No Exchange needed) Magnesium Case: Beetle (1950-1979), T2 Bay (1968-1979), T2 Split Bus (1950-1967)

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Our 100% brand new SSP 1600cc twin-port AD-code engine.

Features Stock 85.5mm pistons and cylinders, a stock camshaft, a new Genuine OE spec magnesium crankcase, EMPI stock style 35.5 / 32mm cylinder heads. All providing the reliability and longevity that these engines were famous for.

Our engines are meticulously assembled in the UK from 100% new components on an IATF 16949 / ISO 9002 certified assembly line. They  are spun over for half an hour at 2000rpm for added peace of mind. Oil pressure, cylinder compression and oil leaks are all checked for before dispatch.

We feel that only by using 100% new OE quality components complete reliability is ensured. Re-using old parts with a dubious history have no place in an SSP engine.

Suitable for unleaded fuel. Gasket kit, new oil cooler and flywheel also included.

2 year warranty included in the UK and Mainland Europe and now supplied on an outright basis - no exchange required. Terms and conditions apply.

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Product Information

Product Attributes
Also known as211100035
Fitting InfoPlease note: The distributor drive is not supplied, you will need to transfer distributor drive shaft and shims from old engine. For T2 76-> you will need to purchase a new late 200mm clutch and change the two lower mounting studs as these are supplied with a 200mm flywheel (the 215mm is no longer available). If replacing a 1300 twin-port then a new 200mm clutch will be required to match the age of the gearbox. Not for use in T25 models as a replacement for CT code engine, Or Type3 as a Pancake engine direct replacement 
VehicleBeetle, T2 Split, T2 Bay, Karmann Ghia, Beetle Cabriolet, Trekker
Weight (kg)67.2553
QualityTop Quality
Unit of saleEach

Fits Vehicles

Product Vehicle Years
T2 Bay1968-1979
T2 Split Bus1950-1967
Karmann Ghia1960-1974
Beetle Cabrio1950-1979

Product Questions

Hi what type oil do these engines use?
Question by: Mark vickers on 17 Apr 2021, 06:17
We would recommend either the 15W-40 or a straight SAE 40
Answer by: Nick Bitton on 19 Apr 2021, 08:00

Can you give me a breakdown of the parts in this engine? What crankshaft, camshaft, rockers etc are in there and who made the heads with what valve sizes?

Thank you,

Question by: Jonny on 1 Jul 2021, 21:26
Hi Jonny, Thanks for your enquiry I have emailed you the complete build list.
Answer by: Max Ayling on 2 Jul 2021, 16:48

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