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    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 Bay 1968 - 1970
    Beetle 1950 - 1979
    Splitscreen 1950 - 1967
    Polo Mk3 6N 1995 - 2002
    Scirocco 1984 - 1992
    Golf Mk1 Cabriolet 1984 - 1993
    Corrado 1989 - 1995
    Caddy Mk1 1983 - 1992
    T4 1991 - 2003
    Golf Mk2 1987 - 1992
    Golf Mk3 Cabrio 1994 - 2002
    Vento 1992 - 1998
    Jetta 1987 - 1992
    Golf Mk3 1992 - 1998
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Showing Items 1-36 of 209

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VW Type 2 Bay Brakes

Buy your VW Bay Window brakes here
Heritage Parts Centre stock a wide range of Volkswagen Bay Window brake parts buses, for both early models with drum brakes and later ones with front disc brakes, from basic repair and maintenance parts such as Bay Window wheel cylinders, VW Bus brake shoes and replacement Type 2 brake drums to backing plates and complete brake fitting kits. On top of all this, Heritage Parts Centre has all the parts you need to renew your Bay Window’s brake hydraulic system, from a replacement Bay Window master cylinder, through brake fluid reservoirs, VW Type 2 brake servos, hard and flexible brake pipes and Goodridge braided brake hoses.

We also stock Bay Window handbrake cables and all the parts needed to rebuild the Type 2 handbrake mechanism.

VW Type 2 disc brake kits
If you are fortunate enough to have a Volkswagen Bay Window with factory fitted disc brakes (’71 onwards), Heritage Parts Centre hold stock of all VW Type 2 front brake discs, replacement Bay Window brake calipers, brake pads, brake caliper repair kits and complete Bay Bus front disc brake overhaul kits.

If you really want to improve the overall braking potential of your VW Type 2 bus, look no further than the excellent range of CSP Bay Window disc brake conversion kits. These superbly engineered products come with everything you need, and even offer the ability to change between 5 x 130 and 5 x 205 PCD wheel stud patterns.

Go slow to start!
Once you have fitted up your new VW Type 2 brakes, take it easy for a few 100 miles. Heavy braking on brand new Bay Window brake discs could cause them to warp, then you’ll be back to square one, and replacing them again!

Bay Window brakes stuck on?
It’s not uncommon to hear that a VW Type 2 brake caliper or Bay Window drum brake has got stuck on, causing the disc or Type 2 brake drum to get hot, and of course wear down the VW Campervan brake shoes or pads unevenly. Whilst this fault could be due to a sticky VW Camper brake caliper, or faulty VW Bay Window wheel cylinder, it could also be a perished Type 2 brake hose causing the issue. Traditional ‘rubber’ Bay Window brake hoses can break down inside over time, and create a one way valve inside the hose, locking the VW Bus Brake fluid into the caliper or wheel cylinder, and jamming on that brake.

Browse all our Volkswagen Bay Window brake parts in our online shop by following the links here or contact one of knowledgeable sales staff on 01273 444000 during UK business hours. Shop with confidence from Heritage Parts Centre - leading the way in supplying Top Quality VW Van Parts since 1986.