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Heretics May 2024: Photo Gallery

Heretics May 2024: Photo Gallery

Heretics May 2024: Photo Gallery

The day started damp, but by mid-afternoon, the sunshine was back where it belonged, and May's Heretics was underway! It might have been quieter than usual, but that didn't spoil things for those who made it. Check out the photos below.

Ding, Ding, Ding. Round Two! 

It still brings a smile to our faces having all the cars and vans congregating together at Heritage HQ. Owners who have been coming along for years chat with and welcome new enthusiasts who have just found us and are looking to do more with their hobby. Heretics provides a great melting pot for automotive projects from all corners of the car and camper spectrum. A body-dropped Nu-Skool Caddy on Rayvern Hydraulics and a patinated turbocharged Single Cab Pick Up bookended the styles on display.

Watch the video!

Bring the noise

We were joined by our good friend Kenny (DJ Nino) who kept the tunes flowing throughout the evening. He will be back with us in June, July and September to keep your toes tapping. 

Colour my soul

In keeping with the season, we were treated to some bright paint jobs too. Craig's Harlequin T4 nicely compliments his 6N Polo which we saw last month, and certainly stood out in the crowd. The yellow Colour Concept Mk3 Golf GTI is a lesser spotted sight on the road these days, but looked wonderful, especially parked next to a green and white Split. 

A slice of the action...

Our thanks to +39 Pizza on the Road for coming down and cooking some delicious, authentic Italian pizza in their cool classic Peugeot truck. We heard plenty of great comments about the food, we're sure many of you will be queuing up again when they return in August for more of the same. 

Show Car!

It was great to see George's B289 style build at Heritage HQ, after he joined us in the Rad Room at Volksworld Show a few months back. This was his first car back in the day - hence the plate slogan 'First Rodeo' and is full of custom touches including the removal of the rain gutters, and frenched rear number plate. It previously ran blade bumpers and sloping headlamps, but it is back on the correct for-age Europa bumpers, albeit colour-coded and sporting hidden lights. 

Elsewhere in the yard (and a little less show car) was Leigh Hick's VW Beetle - a project he's been working on at home, and this marked the car's first proper outing. Another vehicle unlikely to be confused with a show car was Nigel's wonderfully unique Type 25; read all about it on our blog here

Coffee Caravan

A really big thanks to Heretics regular Kate who stepped in at the last minute with her Little Vintage Tin coffee caravan to ply you with caffeine and keep your thirst at bay. Alongside her VW Wedding Cars business, this catering van will be available for bookings at events around the South East. 

Thanks for coming!

We really are grateful for our community who bring their cars and transform our warehouse yard into a car show for a couple of hours on a Thursday night. We look forward to sharing another video with you shortly featuring more from the night, including a few more conversations with owners. 

If you missed this one, maybe we'll see you on 20th June for the next instalment? 


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