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Car Advice From The Heritage Community

Car Advice From The Heritage Community

Car Advice From The Heritage Community

After the success of our how to beat mid-project blues article which we compiled with the help of friends and customers within our community, we are pleased to bring you some more words of wisdom from our Instagram and Facebook followers. We asked for their best pieces of car advice, and here is what they gave us. 

It's not all about money, but...

If you are about to buy your first project car or embark on a restoration these snippets from those a little further along the path may be of use to you. We don't want to put anyone off chasing their dreams... Just make sure you take the rose-tinted glasses off before you hand over the cash!

  • Start with the best car you can, it's cheaper. Daniel Pomfret
  • Whatever you think it will take, double your budget for money and time, then be prepared to add 25% to both after that! Matt Hammond
  • Good quality remains, long after the price is forgotten. Awesome Auto Trim
  • Cars are a passion, not an investment, buy what you like. Ed Narewski
  • Never buy a house without a garage (s) you will need them. Kris Smith
  • Only have one project car. More than one diverts your focus and your funds. Andy Gregory

And should you change your mind in the future (or have too many projects on the go)...

  • A clean car always sells for more. Jay McMillan

Having a positive mindset

You will enjoy your hobby more if you are in the right headspace with it. Things won't always go right, and there are sadly some people out there who say nasty things. These offerings from our community may help you bring the fun back when everything seems to be going wrong. 

  • Never underestimate the amount of work some jobs involve. Make a plan. Sam Varley
  • Tackle difficult stuff to start with, otherwise, the magnitude of the project will sap your energy and enthusiasm. Andy Cowell
  • Keep an eye on the end goal. Sit in it and pretend to drive every now and then. Mad, but it helps. Simon Dixon 
  • A project isn’t a fast, easy process. Take your time and learn from your mistakes. If you have to do the same job over and over again to get it right then so be it. Don’t stop until you are happy with it. Because the end result will be outstanding, and you should be proud of it. Cxllum_VW
  • Performance, Reliability, Cheap. Pick two of those because you'll NEVER have all three. Wayne Parker
  • Spend time with like-minded car folk and absorb the enthusiasm, as negativity from those that don't get it soon gets to you. Victor Marshall
  • You can go everywhere and do anything with an old car. Just a bit slower. Mark Rivas 
  • It's YOUR car, screw everyone else's opinion. Doug Hobbs

Having the right tool for the job

Often we get carried away with a job, either because it is going so well and we start to feel invincible, or it has gone terribly wrong and we just want it to be over as quickly as possible. In both instances, we may reach for a tool that isn't correct, and our caveman instincts persuade us that hitting it with a big hammer will solve everything. Well, you know what... It doesn't always work. Here's a reminder of what you should do, starting with some basics. 

  • Righty tighty, lefty loosey. Stuart Tomkins
  • For really tough nuts and bolts try tightening a touch before undoing. Dave Tassell
  • WD40 takes time to work. Gareth Lunn
  • Leverage is your friend. Dave Wilson
  • If it feels like the bolt is going to break, it probably is. Paul Rathborne

  • Buy a set of stud extractors BEFORE you need them. Dave Ackerman
  • Any oil is better than no oil at all. Sam Parker
  • Buy a welder and have a go you might surprise yourself. Ron Ella
  • Always remember to unlock your car doors when welding, just in case you manage to set the interior on fire. I was confused when I stood up and couldn't see my seats because they were obscured with black smoke. Gayle Johnston
  • Always have a fire extinguisher! Olly Broom
  • ALWAYS keep a spare locking wheel bolt key, and remember where you put it! Also, make a note of its reference number in case you need to fall back on it. Neil Birkitt
  • Spend the money; buy or rent the proper tool for the job. James Watt

Project tips from those who found out the hard way!

Many of these things sound so obvious with the benefit of hindsight, but when you are head down in a project it's very easy to make a silly mistake or assume something won't be required later on and throw it away. Here are a few pearls of wisdom which might save heartache, and some money too. 

  • ANY electrical issue is down to a ‘bad earth’! Oliver Dix
  • Take pictures of everything! Caleb Wright
  • Label everything you take off. Darrell Vickery
  • Keep any original parts you remove. Good or bad. David Lucas
  • Never Scrap the donor car until you’re showing for a trophy. K Von Hocht
  • Keep a spare fan belt AND a spare Woodruff key for the generator shaft. John Simpson
  • Carry tools with you. If something feels off but you aren't sure what, it never hurts to check wheel lugs. Riley
  • Anything sharp, hard, or heavy stowed directly behind you without suitable restraint, will be the thing that kills or injures you in a collision. Alex Templeton

And on a lighter note to finish our list...

We hope you squirrel away a couple of nuggets from that list. It may not apply today or tomorrow, but might just help you or a friend out in the future. 

If you've got some tips you think we should add then please leave a comment below. 


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