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VW Golf Mk3 Fluidos

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Choosing the right VW Golf Mk3 oil

It’s important to the longevity of Golf’s engine that you do choose and use the correct Mk3 Golf engine oil, in accordance with the recommended oil change schedule. The Golf Mk3 engine oil lubricates the internals of your engine, and helps to minimise wear and tear, keeping your car on the road for longer – helping it to become a classic! Heritage Parts Centre offers a range of engine oil for Mk3 Golf models from companies such as Quantum, Morris and Castrol Classic.

Check your Mk3 Golf brake fluid

Whilst your 1992-98 Volkswagen Golf is fitted with front disc brakes, and will stop pretty sharply when asked, the task of transmitting the message from your pedal to the wheels is down to your Golf Mk3 Brake fluid. If your Mk3 Golf brake fluid hasn’t been changed for a few years it will have absorbed moisture from the air into it, making it less affective and giving a spongier pedal feel. Leave your Golf Mk3 brake fluid too long and this moisture will start corroding the inside of your brake circuit.

Time for new Golf Mk3 Gearbox Oil?

Just as your engine will perform better with fresh Mk3 Golf engine oil, so will your transmission after a change of Mk3 Golf gearbox oil. Changing gear will become smoother, and transmission noise should be reduced too. For customers with auto models we also stock Golf Mk3 automatic transmission fluid too.

Power steering fluid for VW Golf Mk3

Most Mk3 Golf models came with Power Assisted Steering (PAS) and naturally we offer a selection of PAS fluid for Mk3 Golf vehicles. If your car has started making noises while parking, or the steering has become stiff, this should be your first port of call. A simple top up of the Golf Mk3 Power steering fluid could save you a trip to the garage. Don’t forget your Golf mk3 antifreeze in the summer too!

Mk3 Golf antifreeze isn’t just for the cold weather, it is important to have Coolant for Golf Mk3 during the summer months too, as it will help reduce running temperatures, especially when you are stuck in traffic jams!

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