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  1. Brida de eje, acero inoxidable
    Buttys Bits

    Brida de eje, acero inoxidable

    Product Vehicle Years
    Buggy/Baja 1947 - 1979
    Escarabajo Mexico 1954 - 2004
    Karmann Ghia 1955 - 1970
    Escarabajo cabrio 1949 - 1970
    Escarabajo 1947 - 1979
    T1 1950 - 1967
    T1 USA 1950 - 1967
    Escarabajo Australia 1954 - 1976
    Escarabajo USA 1949 - 1970
    Tipo 3 1961 - 1973
    Available for backorder
    5,75 € 4,75 €
  2. Guardapolvos Transmisión

    Guardapolvos Transmisión

    Product Vehicle Years
    T1 1950 - 1967
    Karmann Ghia 1960 - 1968
    Tipo 3 1962 - 1968
    Escarabajo cabrio 1950 - 1972
    Escarabajo 1950 - 1979
    6,96 € 5,75 €
  3. Arandela cóncava interior junta homocinética

    Arandela cóncava interior junta homocinética

    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 1968 - 1979
    Karmann Ghia 1960 - 1960, 1968 - 1974
    Escarabajo 1968 - 1979
    Tipo 3 1968 - 1973
    Golf Mk2 1984 - 1992
    golf_mk3 1992 - 1998
    corrado_corrado 1989 - 1995
    scirocco_scirocco 1974 - 1989
    golf_mk1 1975 - 1983
    1,69 € 1,40 €
  4. Kit guardapolvo junta homocinética interior.94 mm

    Kit guardapolvo junta homocinética interior.94 mm

    Product Vehicle Years
    Escarabajo 1971 - 1979
    golf_mk3_cabrio 1994 - 2002
    golf_mk1 1975 - 1983
    golf_mk1_cabriolet 1979 - 1993
    Golf Mk2 1984 - 1992
    scirocco_scirocco 1974 - 1992
    caddy_mk1 1983 - 1992
    golf_mk3 1992 - 1998
    jetta_jetta 1979 - 1992
    polo_n 1996 - 2002
    vento_vento 1992 - 1998
    13,25 € 10,95 €
  5. Disco del embrague de 4 discos, sólido, de 200 mm

    Disco del embrague de 4 discos, sólido, de 200 mm

    Product Vehicle Years
    Buggy/Baja 1947 - 1979
    T2 1968 - 1979
    Karmann Ghia 1955 - 1955, 1967 - 1974
    Escarabajo cabrio 1967 - 1979
    Escarabajo 1968 - 1971, 1973 - 1978
    T1 1967 - 1967
    Tipo 3 1961 - 1961, 1967 - 1975
    Trekker 1969 - 1975
    Available for backorder
    136,67 € 112,95 €
  6. Disco de Embrague 200mm

    Disco de Embrague 200mm

    Product Vehicle Years
    T2 1968 - 1975
    Karmann Ghia 1967 - 1974
    Escarabajo cabrio 1967 - 1979
    Escarabajo 1967 - 1979
    T1 1965 - 1967
    Tipo 3 1965 - 1973
    38,66 € 31,95 €

Artículos 1-30 de 199

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Buy your VW Beetle gearbox transmission parts here

If there is one area of the classic Volkswagen Beetle that people seem most reluctant to work on themselves, it’s the VW Beetle gearbox. Though it’s often referred to as a ‘dark art’, we here at VW Heritage know that classic Beetle owners are a resourceful bunch, so offer an extensive range of replacement and upgrade parts for the VW Beetle transmission, from gaskets and bushes to Volkswagen Beetle ring and pinion sets and complete gearboxes, both stock for the restorer and performance Beetle gearboxes for those wishing to strengthen and uprate their Beetle’s transmission. To browse or buy the parts you need, just follow the links above, or read on for further information on the lines we supply for the VW Beetle gearbox.

Remanufactured Beetle gearbox

We are delighted to announce a new range of top-spec remanufactured VW Beetle gearboxes from renowned US transmission specialist Rancho Classic. These as-good-as-new classic Beetle replacement gearboxes are rebuilt to original factory specification, with bearings, syncro rings and any other internal components replaced as required. These are the simplest, easiest answer to rebuilding a classic Beetle gearbox and all stock replacement Beetle gearboxes come with a five year parts only warranty. We even sell nosecone conversion kits to allow you to fit a later full synchromesh gearbox into an early ‘crash box’ Beetle. Again, because so many Beetles have had elements of their drivetrain changed over the years, please provide your gearbox code and as much vehicle information (engine size / type / code, clutch size, year etc.) as possible when ordering so we can ensure compatibility.

Brand new genuine VW gearbox

If you simply have to have the best, how about a genuine VW Beetle replacement gearbox? Sourced direct from VW, these are 1200-1300cc units as fitted to late swing-axle Beetles, with a final drive ratio of 4.375. A GT Beetle version with 3.875 (more commonly referred to as 3.88) final drive is also available, rebuilt in the UK from standard genuine gearboxes using all new genuine VW parts. The latter Beetle gearbox is ideal for 1600cc and upward engines that see regular motorway use.

‘Rancho’ high performance Beetle gearbox

We here at VW Heritage know that for some people, though, the desire to extract more performance out of their air-cooled VW engines means they need to upgrade their Beetle gearboxes to suit. And so we now supply a range of the world-renowned Rancho Transmission high performance Beetle gearboxes. Choose from Freeway Flyer, Pro Street or Pro Comp versions, each with their own benefits, depending on your application. Features include a choice of gear ratios, Beetle super diff and heavy duty sideplates, along with hardened keys and welded third and fourth gear hubs. These are considered to be some of the strongest, most reliable, highest quality Beetle performance transmissions available, and at a price that is hard to beat.

Beetle gearbox parts and clutches

In our online VW Beetle gearbox store, you will also find a huge number of classic Beetle gearbox parts– both stock and performance – including cases, mounts, ring and pinion sets, super diffs, spider gears, plugs, bushes, swing axle Beetle axle gaiters, IRS Beetle CV joints, axles, bearings and hub seals, along with an extensive range of VW Beetle clutch kits and air cooled Beetle performance and stock VW Beetle clutch and clutch pressure plates.

The Beetle came with both a 180mm Beetle Clutch and also later on a 200mm VW Beetle Clutch; if you are unsure the type you need, just ask. Likewise there is an early and a later type of VW Beetle clutch release bearing, although a Beetle clutch release bearing upgrade is possible.

If your Beetle gearbox seems fine, but you just want to ensure it stays that way, we even sell a swing axle gearbox oil change kit with everything you need to do the job that most VW owners never do! And remember, if you are at all unsure about what you have, or what you need, or simply have a query about any of our Volkswagen Beetle transmission parts, click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

VW Beetle History

History of the VW Beetle

The new 1302 was available with a selection of engines ranging from 34-44bhp, the 1302S produced 50bhp from it’s 1600cc engine. A new starter motor/ignition circuit automatically turned off the lights when the starter was engaged.

Through 1971 the 1302 saw the rear windscreen grow by 4cm, leading to another new deck-lid design, the rear of the vehicle now featuring 26 louvres, with the exception of the Sparkafer. A new 4 spoke “safety” steering wheel had been fitted, featuring deformable sections and a larger centre pad. The fuel tank cap was now threaded, preventing over tightening, and lessening the chances of it coming off in the event of a collision. A major technical leap was the inclusion a diagnostics port, mounted in the engine bay, this allowed a VW dealership to plug a computer into the car, and test various systems, pretty advanced for the early '70s.

February 1972 was a world record beating day for one particular 1302S Beetle, being the 15,007,034th Beetle made, the car had now overtaken the production figures for the Model T Ford. The 1302 was left unchanged for the ’72 model, as in August (therefore the ’73 model year) the new 1303 was to be launched. Following on from the 1302, the 1303 featured the IRS and MacPherson front ends, but with a remodelled body. This new “Big Beetle” had a curved windscreen, as a result the bonnet was shorter, losing the VW badge that had become familiar. New large rear lights nicknamed “elephants feet” were another identifying feature of the new model. The Cabrio now reflected the changes in the hardtop.

The two economy models, the 1200 and 1300 stayed with the original style body and suspension set-ups. The interior of the new car was very different too, a new padded dashboard with new dials, improved ventilation and deformable surfaces were all included. New seat designs with a 3 legged subframe, offered another safety improvement, as well as increasing adjustment by 6cm, and allowing 77 different seat positions.

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